Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite (Vice Chairman), Mark Armstrong, Emma Howie. 


Cllrs. Edwina Evans (Chairman), Huw Jones, Tegid John, Rhian Corps, Gordon Howie, Ceri Griffiths, Wendy Williams, Thomas Mort, Martin Hughes, and Cllrs. Annwen Hughes and Gwynfor Owen (Gwynedd Council).


The minutes of the meeting held on January 9th 2023 were found to be correct.


Cllr. Wendy Williams declared an interest in the planning application for St. David’s Golf Club, Harlech and she signed a Declaration of Personal Interest form and was not present when the application was discussed.

Cllr. Thomas Mort declared an interest in the planning application for St. David’s Golf Club, Harlech and he signed a Declaration of Personal Interest form and was not present when the application was discussed.

Cllr. Rhian Corps declared an interest in Ysgol Ardudwy, Harlech financial contribution request and she signed a Declaration of Personal Interest form.


The following report was received from Cllrs. Gwynfor Owen and Annwen Hughes – Cllr. Annwen Hughes reported 

that since the last meeting that she had been informed that necessary tree treatment works will be carried out in Bron y Graig Park and that these works were suppose to be started last week but they have been postponed for the time being. Also received a letter stating that the road from opposite Llety Perygl to Garreg Wen will be closed on the 30th of March in order to carry out cable works and also the road from the middle of town towards Glan y Wern will be closed on the 26th of March. She has also been notified by an Officer from Gwynedd Council with regards to changing the waiting time from 2 hours to 1 hour opposite the Old Library and because they have received many objections about this matter and they feel that these objections are valid and therefore they have decided to withdraw this proposal at this time and may look at other options in the future.

Cllr. Gwynfor Owen reported that drastic cuts are going to be made at Gwynedd Council and it looks like Council tax will go up by 5%, the levelling up application was not successful so the work along Ardudwy’s green corridor will not take place. It was reported that he was going to meet with a youth team leader and try to have a youth club for 6 weeks, that he had raised concerns with Huw Dylan Owen about the lack of extra care in the area. He asked for Members’ views on the 20 m.p.a scheme and it was agreed that it was needed from the existing 30 m.p.a sign up to London House. He had received a complaint that some were using part of Parc Bron y Graig as a skate park and it was agreed that he forward the complaint to Gwynedd Council.


Budget Plan

It was reported that the Council had spent £82,612.06  (which included bank charges) since the start of the new financial year and this was £6,171.70 more expenditure than what  was earmarked in the budget for the year. Copies showing the differences between the expenditure that had been made up to the 31st December 2022 since the beginning of April 2022 and what had been earmarked on the budget plan up to the end of December was given to every member.  The members went through the different expenditures that had been made and the differences that were on the business plan individually. It was agreed to accept the above.

Ty Canol Signs

The Clerk reported that she had noticed that the poles for the signs had been up a while and that she had tried to contact Iwan Ap Trefor to see when the actuall signs would be erected but had not received a reply from him yet.


King George V Playing Field

Because of the absence of Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite it was not possible to have an update of the upgrading work with regards to the above field but the Clerk reported that she had received a report from Play Inspection Company of the inspection they had carried out on the equipment and she had forwarded a copy to Cllrs. Christopher Braithwaite and Emma Howe. It was agreed to forward every Member a copy of these report.


The Clerk reported that a decision was made at the last Council meeting to put this item on the agenda so that a date and time could be agreed to hold a public meeting with HAL Board Members. The Clerk reported further that she had contacted Mrs Donna Morris-Collins of HAL and also Mrs Linda Soar, Secretary of the  Memorial Hall to find out what date would be convenient. It was agreed to leave this matter until the next meeting and if a date has not been received by HAL then the Council will fix a date and time themselves.

The Clerk reported further that she had received an e-mail from HAL asking for permission to use the tennis courts by the swimming pool on Saturday 29th April when they are holding a live music event. It was agreed to give permission.


Retrospective application for reinstatement of dwelling and access track – Cae Du Farm, Harlech (NP5/61/L189E)

Support this application.

Conversion of existing professional golf shop and office to 9 bed dormitory accommodation, relocate the  professional golf shop into existing trolley store, drying room and part of changing room – Royal St. Davids Golf Club, Harlech (NP5/61/100Q)

Support this application.

Conversion of barn to a one-bedroomed annexe accommodation together with the construction of an extension and installation of 4 rooflights (3 on front elevation and 1 on rear elevation), and installation of external flue (resubmission) – Foel, Harlech (NP5/61/608B)

Support this application.

Two storey extension to rear, addition of external chimney and repositioning of existing chimney stack, new dormer and first floor balcony on front elevation. Engineering works to create new parking bay and retaining wall – Aelfor, Ffordd Isaf, Harlech (NP5/61/657)

The Clerk reported that she had just received the above application and she would forward it to the Members tomorrow.


The Treasurer reported that there was £65,575.61 in the current account and £31,161.26 in the reserve account.

Invoices needing payment since last meeting

Play Inspection Company – £240.00 – inspection of equipment in both play parks

Welsh Water                       –   £18.54 –  allotment water tap

Welsh Water                       – £170.07 –  public toilets by the Castle

Old Library Committee     – £165.00  –  hire of meeting room for the year

Woodland Trust                  –    £3.60  –  signage rent in Coed Llechwedd from Jan ’21 to Jan ‘24

Monies received since last meeting

None come to hand since the last meeting



Harlech Rugby Club

Received a letter from Mr. G. Perch on behalf of the above club thanking the Council for their support with the club’s project in King George  playing field and giving a brief update of what is going on to get the training pitch ready.

Ysgol Ardudwy

Received a letter from above requesting financial support towards upgrading the existing tennis court at the school by installing a new enclosure fence and developing a multi-purpose pitch there. It was agreed to contribute £5,000 towards this work and pay it to them at next month’s meeting along with the rest of the applications.


Want to clean up the old horse water trough opposite the Old Library as well as the path that runs between Y Waun playing field and the houses.

It has been suggested that the Clerk contact the insurance company regarding a recent scam.

Concern was declared that the fence opposite the toilets near the Queens was a mess.

Concerned was voiced that complaints had been received that some were parking at the top of St David’s hill and also at the bus stop area and the Cllr. Annwen Hughes stated that the Police are already been made aware of this.


DATE………………………………………………                   744.

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