Cllrs. Emma Howie, Huw Jones. 


Cllrs. Edwina Evans (Chairman), Christopher Braithwaite (Vice Chairman), Ceri Griffiths, Gordon Howie, Thomas Mort, Tegid John, Rhian Corps, Martin Hughes, Wendy Williams, and Cllrs. Annwen Hughes and Gwynfor Owen (Gwynedd Council).

There were 18 members of the public present to ask questions and to get answers about a scam that took place at the Council last December. The minutes of this meeting with the questions asked together with the answers is attached to these minutes. It was also agreed to issue a public apology on behalf of the Council that this had happened.


The minutes of the meeting held on July 3rd 2023 were found to be correct.

It was asked what payment had been made to Japanesse Knotweed Wales Removal and it was explained that this was for the disposal of the Himalayan balsarn growing near the Church and that it had to be sprayed to start with and leave for three weeks.


Cllr. Wendy Williams declared an interest in the planning application regarding plot 52 Cae Gwastad, Harlech and she signed a Personal Declaration of Interest form and was not present when the application was discussed.


The following report was received from Cllr. Annwen Hughes – Cllr. Annwen Hughes reported that since that last meeting that she had contacted the Officers to voice concern that the charger points were still not working in Bron y Graig Uchaf car park but a note stating this had been placed on them and will not be operational until next month. She had contacted the Police because she had received various complaints about cars parking at the top of St David’s hill and had been told that they had visited the area and spoken to those who work near by, but unfortunately they are unable to act as there are no yellow lines on the road. She had also been informed by Iwan Ap Trefor that Gwynedd Council were not successful in their bid to attract funding to carry-out improvements on the crossing near Ty Canol housing estate but are certain they will re-submit the application next year if the financial source remains open. Also stating that because the 20 m.p.a schemes come into force this month they will not consider the installation of different 20 m.p.a signs down Nant Road and at the junction of Penyrhwylfa/Bronyrwylfa housing estate. She also stated that she had the pleasure of presenting the prizes at the Garden Club’s summer show on the 26th of last month.

Cllr. Gwynfor Owen reported that a consultation was taking place with the fire service and he was encouraging Members To complete option 1 of the questionnaire, it was been reported that the Welsh Government is facing a serious financial hole and this will be passed on to the County Councils. White lines have finally been painted near the Old School and the beach entrance has been cleared but there is no promise to do these works again and that he had a meeting later in the year about this. He had attended various events that had taken place in the town.


Budget Plan

It was reported that the Council had spent £30,465.70 (which included bank charges) since the start of the new financial year and this was £11,201.30 less expenditure than what  was earmarked in the budget for the year. 


King George V Playing Field

Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite informed the Members that that he had a meeting with a representative from MacVenture about the zip wire and had received the following reply from them – As discussed, we intend to replace the ‘launch’ end of the Aerial Runway Main Bar with a new piece which will elevate the launch height by 600mm. This is the left-hand end of the Runway as viewed from the play area. We will also supply and install a launch ramp at the same end, and re-tension the Zip Wire to the appropriate taughtness. There will be no charge for the above works. MacVenture had aslo stated that they will confirm the exact quotation for cost of the Bonded Rubber Mulch for the Climbing Frame area in the next few days and Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite reported that he had received the prize of £5,150 + VAT. He had also been given a price of £600 to install the bollards and it was agreed to accept this and also a price of £300 to remove the old bench opposite Bron y Graig Isaf car park and it was agreed to accept this price. It was also reported that he had received the following prices regarding the installation of a new 330m fence £48,399, £27,800, for the Council to order the fencing material – bow top fence £20,000, V3 12m £9,950, labour prices, removal of old fence and replacement only £8,750, £7,800. It was agreed to have a price for a chainlink fence before deciding and also that the play park sub-committee meet which was the Vice Chairman, Cllrs. Rhian Corps, Emma Howie and Tegid John.

Tennis Court

Cllr. Wendy Williams reported that she had been told no one will be coming to a Council meeting to discuss the above and it was agreed to ask Mr. Meirion Griffiths to clear the premises and put the matter on the March agenda.

Bus Shelters

Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite reported that he had found a company that could renovate the present bus shelter and he had received a price of £8,587 for the refurbishment of the two shelters by them and he was looking for two more prices.


The Chairman reported that she together with Cllr. Martin Hughes had attended the meeting with HAL on the 27th of July and was well represented. The Chairman reported that a copy of the minutes of this meeting had been sent to all Councils and the Clerk declared that she had already forwarded these to the Members. She had also received information about income and expenditure having been cut down which had been made and received in July and she had forwarded this email to all Members. The Chairman further reported that she and the Vice Chairman had attended a meeting at the village hall, Llanbedr on the 3rd of August to discuss the way forward between the area’s Community Councils and HAL. The Clerk further reported that she had forwarded minutes of this meeting to all Members with also an email which the Clerk of Llanbedr Council had sent to HAL. The Clerk stated that she had received an email from HAL on Thursday evening 24th of last month stating that a meeting with the Community Councils would held in an hour. She had forwarded this to the representatives of the Council and also to all the  Members.

Ardal Ni

Cllr. Martin Hughes reported on the meeting that was held on the 24th of July with regards to the above matter and Cllr. Martin Hughes agreed to send the Clerk an e-mail of what was discussed at this meeting and it was agreed to hold another meeting on the 25th of this month.

Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

The Clerk reported that she had put this matter on the agenda because the Internal Auditor had stated that these Rules must be reviewed annually. The Clerk reported further that she had received a copy of Revised Standing Orders from One Voice Wales and she had also added the statements which were in red in the Financial Rules. It was agreed to adopt the two new models but want a sub-committee to meet to go through the new Standing Orders because there was some of it that did not apply to this Council. The Chairman and Cllr. Martin Hughes agreed have a look at them.



The Clerk reported that she had put this matter on the agenda because she had received complaints that the place was untidy and the site needed clearing. Agenda next month.


Construction of a detached two storey 4 bedroom dwelling and integral garage – Plot 52, Cae Gwastad, Harlech (NP5/61/661A)

Support this application.

Discharge Condition Nos. 2 (roofing slate) and 3 (light transmittance), and partial discharge of Condition 4 (oil tank) attached to Reserved Matters Consent NP5/61/PIAW505B(I) dated 25/05/2023 – Land at Morfa Newydd, Ffordd Glan Môr, Harlech (NP5/61/505C) 

The Clerk reported that it was only this afternoon that she had received the above planning application and she would forward it to the Members tomorrow.


The Treasurer reported that there was £109,449.72 in the current account and £31,398.53 in the reserve account.

Invoices needing payment since last meeting

Gwynedd Council                – £10,000.00  – Council’s contribution to keep the public toilets open 

Gwynedd Council                    –  £294.00 –   internal audit 2022/23

Mr. Tom Edwards                    –  £360.00 –  work on trees on the nature trail and 14 Pant Mawr

Mr. G. J. Williams                     – £456.00  –  cut grass King George playing field and football field x 3

Mr. M. J. Kerr                           –  £790.00  –  opening grave re the late Ms Freda Williams

Welsh Water                           –     £28.98  – allotments water tap

Welsh Water                            –  £395.77  –  public toilets near the castel

Mrs Margaret Williams      –  £1,610.00  –   costs to stage Harlech Mop Fair

Mrs Annwen Hughes           – £1,661.35  –  wages (£882.00) and 6 months costs (£779.35) = £1,661.35

Mrs Annwen Hughes               –  £49.99   –   soap for public toilets near the memorial hall

MacVentrue Playgrounds – £17,862.00   – King George field play equipment (minus the zip wire)

These payment have to be made in two installments because the Council’s maximum to pay online payments is £15,000.

The above payments were processesed by the Vice Chairman, Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite and Cllr. Tegid John approved the payments and permission was granted to the Clerk/Treasurer to make payment on line or by cheque at the end of the meeting. 

There was a discussion of how to proceed to make future payments and also it was agreed to transfer a sum of money from the current account to the deposit account. It was agreed that the Treasurer visit the bank so as to get an app to enable payments to be made at a meeting of the Council and it was agreed to earmark the last 10 minutes of the Council meeting to make these payments.

Monies received since last meeting

Customs & Excise      –  £3,101.69 –   repayment of V.A.T

Gwynedd Council     – £35,000.00 –   half precept payment

Pritchard a Griffiths  –  £1,827.00 –  burial of the late Mrs Freda Williams (new grave)

Applications for financial contributions

Harlech & Ardudwy Leisure – £3,500.00 – precept proposal (monthly payment July and August).



Mr. Mark Armstrong

The Clerk reported that she had received a letter of resignation from the above because he was starting a new job with the Police and he felt it was not right for him to continue as a Community Councillor. It was agreed to forward this email to the Electoral Department at Gwynedd Council.

Mr. Joe Patton

The Clerk reported that she had received an email from the above stating that he had been informed that he will be receiving £250 from the local PCSO to support the community wildflowers garden. The money will be used to order more lavender plants, daffodils and gardening goods. Because the community garden has no bank account he thought he would be able to ask them to pay it into the Community Council account and Mr. Patton would be able to claim the money by sending an invoice to the Council. He also stated that in the next month the younger children at Ysgol Tan y Castell will be planting daffodil bulbs and these flowers will be ready for pickling on St David’s Day or the Friday before Mother’s Day on the 10th of March so the children can take them home to their mothers.

Mrs Eleri Price

The Clerk reported that she had received an email from the above informing the Council that after permission was granted from the Council (permission granted at the May meeting) for them to use the King George playing field to host their daughter’s wedding reception that the marquee company will be visiting the field on the weekend of the 28th of October Also asking for clarification that the entire field would be available with the football pitch and green fenced off, also asking if there are mains water available and/or electricity, would some of the guest cars be able to park on the field. It was stated that the whole field was available and there was also a water supply on the site belonging to the RFC and Cllr. Gordon Howie agreed to make enquiries about this and it was also agreed that cars were allowed to park on the field.

Mr. Paul Axon

The Clerk reported that she had received an email from the above stating concern that a tree was not safe near 14 Pant Mawr Park and she had passed the email on to Cllr. Huw Jones. She further reported that Cllr. Jones had contacted Mr. Tom Edwards about this and that both had been doing the necessary work to this tree and a tree that was not safe on the Nature Trail. The Clerk had received an email from the above thanking Cllr. Huw Jones and Mr. Tom Edwards for carrying out excellent work with the tree near 14 Pant Mawr Park.


It was agreed to set up a sub-committee to discuss the “way forward” and the Vice Chairman, Cllrs. Tegid John, Rhian Corps and Martin Hughes agreed to be part of this committee and they would meet on the 18th of this month.

It was decided that there was a need to change the bus parking bays at Bron y Graig Uchaf car park to car parking sites because there was never a bus parking there.

Need to put a training plan on next month’s agenda.

Need to put the creation of the Council’s facebook page on next month’s agenda.


DATE………………………………………………                   764.

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