Meeting minutes from March meeting

Matters including Ysgol Ardudwy pupils to form a youth council, council budget plans and Gwynedd Council matters



Budget Plan

It was reported that the Council had spent £48,968.54 since thestart of the new financial year and this was £15,177.26 less expenditure thanwhat  was earmarked in the budget for theyear. This was because the Council had earmarked £5,000 to the ommunity ParksGroup for May and this had not been spent yet, the cost of cutting the grass onthe public footpaths was not as much as had been earmarked  (earmarked £2,500 spent £1,775), or the costof cutting the grass in the cemetery (earmarked £2,000 spent £1,550.50), also onlyone cost had arisen with the cemetery (£3,208 earmarked up to now spent £400),no cost had arisen with the benches (earmarked £750), or with upkeep in general(£455 earmarked up to now),  or with Brony Graig nature trail (earmarked £600), also the £4,000 that had been earmarkedto build a wall in the cemetery had not been spent.

Opening of Grass Cutting Tenders

The Clerk reported that shehad received  two tenders one from Mr.Meirion Griffith, Islwyn, Talsarnau for £12.50 per hour to cut the grass of thepublic footpaths and £11 per hour to cut the grass of the public cemetery andone from Mr. Eifion Roberts, 28 Ty Canol, Harlech for £10 per hour to cut thegrass of the public cemetery only.  Itwas agreed to accept Mr. Meirion Griffith’s tender to cut the grass of thepublic footpaths and the public cemetery as the Members were of the opinion itwould be better if all the work was carried out by one person. Also it wasagreed to accept the tender of Mr. Gareth John williams to cut the grass onKing George V playing field and the football field again this year which is £58for cutting the football field, £36 for cutting around the swings and  £84 for cutting rest of field time.


King George V and Llyn y Felin Playing Fields

The Clerk reported that shehad received and e-mail from the Harlech Community Park Group stating that theyhad gone through the report the Council had received following inspection ofthe above two playing fields and also stating that they have had an independantopinion on the report who agreed with them that the maintenance regime was poor.The Clerk reported further  that theGroup were now stating that they are willing for the £5,000 the Council hadearmarked for improvements to King George V playing field be spent to repairthe equipment in both play parks and also stating that they want to see theCouncil appoint a maintenanceperson who could carry out the present suggested repairs and as a Group they wouldwish to be involved in this appointment. The above was discussed and it wasagreed that the Council place an advert in Llais Ardudwy and Cambrian Newsadvertising for someone responsible to carry out the necessary repair work thatis required on the equipment in both play parks and ask them to contact theChairman. Also to send a reply to the Community Parks Group thanking them fortaking an interest in this matter.

Harlech Regeneration Group

Cllr. Freya Benthamreported that there was not much to report  and Cllr. Elfyn Anwyl  reported that he had spoken with year 9 pupilsfrom Harlech that are in Ysgol Ardudwy so as to create a Youth Council. Shealso stated that the scheme with the broadband system was not going aheadbecasue of the cost.

Harlech and Ardudwy Leisure Board Meeting

It was reported thatno meeting of the above had been held since the last meeting of the Council andthat the next meeting will be held on the 21st of this month.

Gwynedd Council Matters

Cllr. Freya Benthamreported that she had arranged for Ffordd Penllech to be cleaned and the sidescut and also that proof was needed by the Maritime Department that emergencyvehicles cannot get access onto the beach and Cllr. Huw Jones agreed to dealwith this matter. It was made known by her that the pay and display machine inThe Old School car park had been taken away as it had been vandalised more thanonce and the decision had been taken that another one is not place there asthey are too expensive to purchase. Also she reported that she had received ande-mail from Mr. Steve Elford stating that a wall between his house and thenature trail needed attention and Cllr. Huw Jones agreed to deal with thismatter.


Demolition of existinggarage and erection of new single storey extension, installation of rooflightsand glazed balustrading to existing walled area – Tan y Garth, Old LlanfairRoad, Harlech (NP5/61/188A)

Support this application


The Treasurer reported that there was £25,875.53 in thebank, £1,023.11 in the reserve account,  £15.00in the Chairman’s account and £2.82 in the cemetery account.

Invoices needingpayment since last meeting

Mrs Annwen Hughes   – £1,498.45 –  wages and costs for 6 months

Old Library Committee –    £143.00 – hire of meeting room for the year

Mr. G. J. Williams           –   £126.00 –  cut grass of footballfield and rest of King George V field

Monies receivedsince last meeting

Customs & Excise         – £212.14 – V.A.T repayment

Pritchard & Griffiths    -£740.00 – burial of the late Mr. Trevor Wynne Roberts

Gwyl Harlech                -£150.00 –  contribution for using KingGeorge V playing field as a car park


Applications for financial assistance

Meirionnydd YFC             –     None

Wales Air Ambulance     –    £250

Old Library Committe         – £500

Memorial HallCommittee – £500


Gwynedd Council – Economy and CommunityDepartment

The Clerk reported that she had received an e-mail from Sian Williams, Meirionnydd CommunityOfficer Sports For Life Team asking for permission to use King George V playing field on the 17th of this month for a triathlon event as they have done so inthe past. It was agreed to give permission to this.

Mrs Bethan Rainbird

Received an e-mail from the above voicing concern that somebody has planted a line of trees that look likeleylandis between Sibrwd y Mor and Wern y Wylan on Ffordd Uchaf and that abarbed wire fence has been erected and also a cluster of trees that look likewillow trees have been planted in front of the three benches by Wern y Wylan. She also stated that she had concern for these trees been planted as when theyare grown they will be hiding the views of the Lleyn, Snowdonia and CardiganBay and also that so many sit on these three benches mentioned so as to look atthis view. Cllr. Freya Bentham reported that she had filled in a form with theLand Registry so as to get information if the land in question has beenregistered, and if, who is the owner and also that she had spoken with LizHaynes and that she was going to look into the matter if there was a publicfootpath on the land. Agenda next month.

Notice of Motion

The Clerk reported that shehad received a Notice of Motion from Cllr. Marting Hughes asking for theCommunity Council to support Gwynedd Council’s decision and ask for a People’sVote and also wanted to ask CADW to fly the European flag alongside the WalesFlag on the Castle until such a time a decision has been made with the EuropeanUnion. After a discussion it was agreed that Cllr. Martin Hughes places themotion on the noticeboard stating how people could support this as the Memberswere of the opinion that it would be better if people supported the motion asindividuals and the Council does not do this as a Body.


It was made known by Cllr.Martin Hughes that there was a 3 day visit end of March named  “Irish World Towns Network” and it was agreed that Cllr. Hughes would represent the Council in this.

Concern was voiced that the work of upgrading the toilets by the Queens had not been carried out yet.

The Clerk reported that it was time once again to carry out the monthly inspections and Cllr. Elfyn Anwyl agreed to carry out the inspection this month.

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