October 6, 2020


Annwen Hughes


Cllr. Freya Bentham (Vice Chairman), Judith Strevens, Caerwyn Roberts, Gordon Howie, Elfyn Anwyl.



Cllrs. Huw Jones (Chairman),  SianRoberts, Edwina Evans, Ceri Griffith, Wendy Williams, Thomas Mort, Martin Hughes.



The minutes of the meeting held on March2nd 2020 were found to be correct.



No Member declared an interest onany matter.




It was reported that the Council had spent £24,702.80 since the start of the new financial year and this was  £12,981.79 less expenditure than what  was earmarked in the budget for the year. Thiswas mainly due to the fact that the £10,000 earmarked for the toiletspartnership had not been paid and this was earmarked for May


Harlech Community Forum

As Cllr. Freya Bentham is onmaternity leave no report is available.


Toilets by the Castle

The Chairman reported that he was still waiting for a reply from the company that sell the hand washing units in the above toilets and if he does not get a replymaybe consideration will have to be given to install a hand wash basin and handdryer seperately. It was agreed that the Chairman would still try and get ananswer from the company involved and not open the toilets until this facilityhad been installed in them.


Public Benches

The Chairman reported that the Council had purchased three seats and to place them on Pen yGraig, Twtil and near Pant Mawr (to replace the one already there) also Mr.Gareth Jones had removed the one on St. David’s hill so that it could berepaired. . The Chairman made it known that he had met a representative from the Tourism Committee regarding purchasing a bench to place on Penllech and he had not heard anything further from them with regard to this matter.


Council’s Website

The Chairman reported that he had not contacted Mr. Owen Brown to discuss the matter further and the Clerk reported that Cllr. Judith Strevens had agreed to place material on the website. The Clerk explained that the necessary material had to be placed on the Council’s website under the regulations to do with theInternal and External Audit.


Gwynedd Council Matters

As Cllr. Freya Bentham is on maternity leave no report is available.



All the planning applications received after the last meeting in March have been forwarded to you as Members






The Treasurer reported that there was £49,397.97 in the bank, £31,090.94in the reserve account,  £100.00 in theChairman’s account and £2.82 in the cemetery account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

Mr. G.J. Williams - £216.00 – cut grass in play park,  football field and rest of King George field

WelshWater         -   £43.63 - allotments water tap


Moniesreceived since last meeting

None received


The Treasurer reported althoughcopies of the Council’s accounts had been sent to every Member at the beginingof April, they had not been approved for the financial year 2019/20 and alsothere was a need to approve the annual return so as to be able to send theappropriate documents onto the External Auditors. The Treasurer reportedfurther because of the virus that the date appointed for the exercise ofelectors’ rights under Public Audit (Wales) Act 2004 had been moved this year,and the new date is between the 1st and 28th September 2020. From September29th onwards until the audit has been completed, the Community electors willhave the right to question the Auditor General about the accounts.  Every Member that was present agreed toapprove the accounts and also approve the annual return and for the Chairman andthe Clerk/Treasurer to sign the accounts, the annual return and the accountsbook on behalf of the Council.



Ms Roslynne McAlister

Received an e-mail from the above with regard to trees overgrowing from14 Parc Bron y Graig land over the public footpath that runs up towards Pendrefroad and stating that these trees grow so low over the footpath that it makesit difficult to pass them. She has in the past been in contact with the owner’swife and she has cut them back straight away, but by now she has spolen withthe owner himself who states that he will carry out the work when he has timeor for her to do the work herself. She would be grateful of confirmation ofwhose responsibility it is to cut these trees back. It was agreed to ask Mr.Meirion Griffith to cut these trees back and to tidy the footpath in general.


Baileys & Partners

Received the following letter from Jodie Pritchard on behalf of theabove company with regard to planning application NP5/61/560D – New 3 bedroom home betweenTrem Arfor and Hiraethog, Harlech High Street, and asking the Community Councilto reconsider their decision that was made by them back in October last year asnew information has come to hand. Thisadditional information relates specifically to a new requirement for a HeritageImpact Assessment (HIA). A specialist heritage expert was engaged to preparethe attached HIA and this was provided to CADW as the statutory consultee withregards to heritage. They have confirmed they are satisfied with theinformation within the HIA and agree with its conclusions. Their client hasalso tried to attend to other concerns since raised by objectors  namely -

● A Japanese knotweed specialist was contacted and written confirmationhas been received on the treatment necessary to eradicate the invasive speciesfrom the site.

● Parking - Within the application NP5/61/560D it is proposed that thenew house site will still have parking available for the property opposite. Thehighways team have not raised issues with the proposal and the applicant hasasked the planning authority if they wish to discuss the concerns raised by thecommunity council.

● Overlookingproperties - The proposed new house is positioned so that it does not havewindows directly overlooking the homes themselves. The lower windows will bescreened by the existing hedge which is not proposed to be removed. It wasagreed after receiving this additional information to reconsider the decisionthat was made in October and to support this application.










The Chairman stated that it was nice to see the allotments all full and the site looking tidy and also it was made known that there was a waiting list at the moment.

The news that a new grocery store was opening in the former Tabernacle Chapel in spring 2021 was warmly welcomed and the new owners were wished all the best in their new venture.

The Chairmanmade it known that Mr. Geraint Williams was of the opinion that the Council had been overcharged for placing the christmas lights on the electricity poles in the town last christmas and that he was going to look into the matter. Also it was agreed to ask CADW if it would be possible to resite the christmas tree that is by the castle.

Great concern was voiced that visitors were parking everywhere when they visit the beach and the beach car park is full.

It was made known that the former Theatr Ardudwy and some of the Coleg Harlech site weregoing up for auction.

Concern was voiced that, during Sunday night and Monday morning the 9th and 10th of August that 12 cars were parked overnight in the beach road car park and also 3 campervans.













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