August 1, 2021

Minutes of Harlech Community Council meeting on 07.06.21

Minutes of Harlech Community Council meeting on 07.06.21




Cllr. ThomasMort.



Cllrs. Huw Jones (Chairman),  EdwinaEvans, Ceri Griffiths, SianRoberts, Gordon Howie, Martin Hughes, Rhian Corps, Tegid John, JoePatton, Wendy Williams.



The minutes of the meeting held on May 10th2021 were found to be correct.



Nobody had any declaration ofinterst to make.




It was reported that the Council had spent£17,105.13 since the start of the new financial yearand this was £11,965.82 less expenditure than what  was earmarked in the budget for the year.


Harlech Community Forum

As Ms FreyaBentham had resigned from being the County Councillor for thearea, there were no reports on matters relating to the above Forum.


Pen y Graig Land

TheClerk reported that she had received a reply from Cath Hicks from AdultLearning Wales with regard to the above land and she was stating that the  responsibilities of the Community Councilwould remain precisely the same as at present under the 7-year lease agreement(maintenance, insurance cover, keeping open access to the land for the public)but would become permanent as the land would be owned outright by the CommunityCouncil. Also stating If the Council believes a risk assessment of the site isrequired, then they would suggest that this is undertaken as part of the legalproceedings that form part of the transfer documentation. They have notconducted a site risk assessment of their own in the past. It was agreed aftera discussion to carry on with this offer and ask them to draw up the legalpapers and also state that it depends how much the legal costs will be if theCouncil was going to pay all the costs.


Toilets by the Castle

The Chairmanreported that he had received one price for a washer dryer unit and that he waswaiting for another two.


OldLibrary and Memorial Hall Constitutions

Cllr.Joe Patton reported that he and Cllr. Martin Hughes had met with representativesfrom the Memorial Hall and Old Library on the 14th of last month to discuss thechange in the Constitution of both sites. He outlined points in an e-mail andthe Clerk had forwarded these on to every Member so as to received theircomments on them in the Council meeting. Cllr. Joe Patton stated that he hadgone through the document with the members of the two committees and that somematters needed attention on it.


Monthly Inspections

Cllr.Joe Patton reported that he had carried out a monthly inspection of King GeorgeV and Llyn y Felin playing fields and also Penygraig. He reported as followsfollowing last month’s inspection – that every site were in good order and



that Penygraig was fine.  The play area in King George V playing field was in a good condition and also the workto repair the damaged fencing between the golf and the playing field had beencompleted. The Chairman stated that Mr. Gareth John Williams was asking if hecould take the football nets down and this was agreed by the Members. Llyn yFelin playing field is fine apart from the fact that the rubbish bin is notbeen emptied and the Clerk reported that she had contacted Mr. Steffan Joneswith regard to this and that he had stated that he was putting an arrangementin place for the bin to get additional attention over the summer. It was agreedto ask for an additional bin in this playing field.


Party in the Park

Cllr.Joe Patton reported that the arrangements for the above were all in hand andthat he was going to re-send the risk assesment to the stallholders and alsothat posters had been done.


Meeting with the National Park – 20.5.21

Cllr. MartinHughes apologised that he was unable to attend the above meeting.


One Voice Wales Meeting – 26.5.21

It wasmade known that nobody had attended the above meeting.


Harlech & Ardudwy Leisure Board Meeting –26.5.21

Cllr.Joe Patton reported that he attended the above meeting on behalf of the Counciland he reported as follows – that the nature of work conducted in the buildingduring lockdown including the use of grant monies for window replacement wasexplained. The premises have partially reopened with public health measures forsocial distancing and hand sanitisation and the swimming pool has been filledand further work is being undertaken in the plant room. Further enquiries arebeing made with neighbouring swimming pools to identify a suitable procedurefor people to change clothing and socially distance and once these issues areresolved a plan and date to open the pool will be announced. Nobody within theHAL are in possession of a formal Health and Safety qualification and it ishoped that the new Centre Manager position to be suitably qualified or to trainfor this. Overnight camper van parking is causing disruption to the residentsof Castell Morfa as late arrivals dirve into the residential road. HAL assertthey are not in favour of vehicles staying in the car park overnight andundertook to display signs stating this. The Clerk had forwarded a copy ofCllr. Joe Patton’s report to every Member through e-mail.



As Ms FreyaBentham had resigned frombeing the County Councillor for the area, there were no reports onmatters relating to Gwynedd Council.



The Clerk reportedthat she had received a Notice of Motion from Cllr. Martin Hughes in accordancewith Standing Order 8.1 asking that Harlech Community Council recognises thatits Bron y Graig Nature Reserve needs careful management to turn it into avaluable asset for the wellbeing of the local community and to enhance andstrengthen the diversity of the natural environment, undertake a site visitinvolving as most of the Council Members to the Reserve including all paths,reflect on their site visit, and consider what the Council’s objects should befor the Reserve, develop a plan for the ongoing management of the Reserve tomeet the agreed objects including any investment of resources required andpublicity, appoint a panel of people with appropriate knowledge, experience andinterest to advise it on the production of a plan and the ongoing management ofthe Reserve, consider establishing a group to help maintain the Reserve anddefer any significant further expenditure on the Reserve until a set of objectsmanagement plan is agreed. It was agreed as the Members had not had time toread this Notice to discuss it next month. The Chairman reported that Mr.Meirion Evans was starting work on the bridge next month but in the meantimethat he was going to patch areas that needed attention now.



Single storey rear extension - Nantmor, 33 Tŷ Canol, Harlech(NP5/61/646)

Supportthis application. 





The Treasurer reported that there was £74,001.27 in the bank, £31,093.52in the reserve account,  £100.00 in theChairman’s account and £2.82 in the cemetery account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

Mr. G.J. Williams      -     £144.00 - cut grass in King George playing field

Mr. T.Edwards           -   £600.00  - erect new fence in KingGeorge playing field

CCF                                -  £409.75  -  materials for fencing in King George playingfield


Moniesreceived since last meeting

Nonecome to hand since the last meeting.


TheTreasurer reported that she had completed the Annual Return up to 31st March2021, the Members went through this return and agreed to approve it and it wasalso agreed that the Chairman and Clerk/Treasurer sign this on behalf of theCouncil.



Gwynedd  Council – Highways and Municipal Department

Receiveda document with regard to Public Spaces Protection Order (GDMC) Consultation:Dog Control from the above department and stating  that Gwynedd Council are carrying out astatutory consultation to consider whether to introduce a Public SpacesProtection Order (GDMC) for dog control and stating that anyone can comment onthe proposed Order by completing the questionnaire on line and this is the linkto the version on the web that includes the questionnaire stating that it is important to read the information that isincluded in the information pack before completing the questionnaire. If anyoneneeds more information about the Consultation or any questions they can e-mail DogControl@gwynedd.llyw.cymruor phone 01766 771000. All comments must be submitted by the 21st June 2021 and thencomments will be considered throroughly before a further report is submitted tothe Council Cabinet for a decision on the way forward. The Clerk reported thatshe had forwarded this document to every Member through e-mail.


Gwynedd Council –Highways Department

TheClerk reported that she had been informed that her e-mail with regard tospeeding on Morfa Road had been forwarded to Iwan Ap Trefor and that a replyhad not been received from him yet and it was agreed that the Clerk contactshim.



The Chairmanreported that he had met with Ms Natalie Griffiths in the cemetery and thatthey had agreed on another location to erect a seat in memory of the late Mr.Phil Griffiths.

The Chairman alsoreported that Mr. Gareth John Williams was going to roll King George playingfield where the badgers had made a mess and that Mr. Geraint Williams was goingto spray a deterent on the field.

It was madeknown that Theatr Ardudwy had been sold.





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