September 20, 2022




The Clerk gavea copy of the above to all Members present to sign before the start of thegeneral Council meeting.. Also Members completed their "Register of PersonalInterest" form.


On behalfof the Council the Chairman welcomed Cllr. Mark Armstrong to his first Councilmeeting and wished him all the best.






Cllrs. Huw Jones (Chairman), EdwinaEvans (Vice Chairman), Ceri Griffiths, RhianCorps, Christopher Braithwaite, Emma Howie, Mark Armstrong, Martin Hughes, Tegid John, Thomas Mort, GordonHowie, Wendy Williams and Cllrs. Gwynfor Owen and Annwen Hughes (GwyneddCouncil).



The minutes of the meeting held on April 4th2022 were found to be correct.



Nobody declared an interest on anymatter.



The following report was receivedfrom Cllrs. Gwynfor Owenand Annwen Hughes –it was made known by both Councillors that they had beenelected unopposed and that the Wards had changed as they now represented theLlanbedr Ward up to the Talsarnau Ward of Gwynedd Council and they officiallycommence this at midnight tonight. Cllr. Gwynfor Owen said that, due to illnesshe had not been able to be around the Ward recently but had been dealing withproblems through e-mails or on the phone and that a majority of these problemswere to do with benefits. It was reported that a grant scheme to heata house was available but that there was a considerable amount of guidance tofollow. He reported that he had been asked to reduce the waiting time under theChurch to 30 minutes and wanted to know the Council's views on this and after adiscussion it was agreed to ask for the time to be reduced from two hours toone hour in order to coincide with the waiting time in the rest of the town. It was reported thatboth Councillors had met with PCSO Paula Stewart to find out how to use a speedcamera and wanted to know if Members were interested in taking part in thisscheme. Following a discussion it was agreed that it would be better to ask formore Traffic Police to visit Harlech and it was agreed to contact the Head ofPolice Operational Support Services regarding this.



Election of Councillors for the year2022/23:-

Chairman:- Cllr. Edwina Evans

Vice Chairman:- Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite

Members of SubCommittees – Cemetery –  gather any 6Councillors together

                                                           Planning– gather any 6 Councillors together

                                                           Footpaths  - Clllr. Thomas Mort andany 5 other Councillors

                                                            MemorialHall – Cllrs. Edwina Evans and Ceri Griffiths

                                                           Playing Fields – Cllr. Emma Howieand any 5 other Councillors

                                                            Old Library – Cllrs. Thomas Mort, Edwina Evansand Martin Hughes

                                                           One Voice Wales – Cllrs. Thomas Mort and MartinHughes

                                                           Public Benches – Cllrs. ThomasMort and Rhian Corps





                                                      Allotments– Cllrs. Huw Jones and Tegid John

                                                            Bron yGraig Nature Trail – Cllrs. Huw Jones, Thomas Mort and Martin Hughes

                                                            Harlech & Ardudwy  Leisure– Cllrs. Edwina Evans and Gordon Howie

                                                            Tan y Castell School Governor – Cllr. MarkArmstrong


On leaving the Chairthe former Chairman thanked his fellow Councillors for their assistance overthe last two years and for the privilege of being Chairman of the Council. Healso thanked the Clerk for all her work and wished the new Chairman well. Intaking the Chair the Chairman thanked the former Chairman for his tireless workfor the Council over the last two years and also thanked her fellow Councillorsfor the privilege of being elected Chairman.



It was reported that the Council had spent£12,204.57 (which included bank charges) since thestart of the new financial year and this was £8,392.57 more expenditurethan what  was earmarked in the budget forthe year. This was mainly due to the fact that the Council had paid out HAL preceptin April rather than in May.


Ty Canol Signs

The Clerk reported that there was nothingfurther to report with regards to the above matter.


King GeorgeV Playing Field

Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite said that he hadbeen told by Ms Tracey from Harlech Ardudwy cycling group, that they hadreceived a grant of £4,609 and needed to spend it before they had to give itback.  Ms Tracey Dawson has kindlyoffered to give the money back to the community on the agreement that we look afterthe equipment, install it etc and that the venue is to be agreed by us. Hehad received two quotes for fitness equipment as they had to be seen spendingit bike-related. The Clerk reported that she had forwarded this e-mail to allMembers so that they could read it before the meeting and Cllr. Emma Howie hasasked another company for prices to do with equipment of the same type. Itwas agreed to carry on and order such equipment and that Cllrs. ChristopherBraithwaite and Emma Howie agreed to deal with this issue. Cllr Christopher Braithwaitesaid he was still waiting for G. L. Jones' company to come and repair thenecessary equipment in king George  playingfield.


Gas Tanks onNature Trail Land

The Clerk reported that she had received an e-mail from Mr. DylanEdwards of Guthrie Jones & Jones, Solicitors asking if it would be possibleto obtain the name and address of the Chairman and Vice-Chariman in order tosign the conveyance in due course. Everybody agreed for this to be done.


Land at Pen y Graig

The Clerk reported that she had received a reply from Cath Hicks on behalfof Adult Ledarning Wales stating that they were prepared to pay the additionallegal fees in excess of the Council's contribution of £2,000 and that she wouldinstruct their legal advisers to take this matter forward accordingly.



Siting of 4 glamping podswithin rear beer garden and use of former cellar/store building to providetoilet/shower facilities - Lion Hotel, Harlech (NP5/61/L80G)

TheClerk reported that she had received an e-mail from Mr. Aled Lloyd, SnowdoniaNational Park informing the Council that the Authority had received additionaldetails regarding the above application and requested Members' comments on thedetails of this. The Clerk reported further that she had forwarded this e-mailto all Members and that the majority had responded stating that they supportedthe scheme and that she had informed Mr. Lloyd of this decision.


Formation of new double door opening to South gable. Externalalterations extending height to parapet adjoining ‘modern’ glazed balustrade tostore roof perimeter at first floor level forming roof terrace with new 1.5m x2.0m

patio doors off South gable. Repairs to shop front and entrance doors,removal of external shutters and internal



replacements. Remove external shutters first floor windows Westelevation and re-opening of 2no. windows at ground floor level, installation oftraditional vertical sash windows to match existing. Fixing 2no. sparrow boxesunderneath eaves level. Proposed new catslide dormer on West side roof slopeand 2no conservation rooflights either side West and East roof slopes (4no.intotal) - Spar Shop, High Street, Harlech (NP5/61/LB280A and 280B)

TheClerk reported that she had received an e-mail from Mr. Aled Lloyd, SnowdoniaNational Park informing the Council that the chimney was now not being takendown and asked whether the Members were still opposed to this application. The Clerkfurther reported that she had forwarded this e-mail to all Members and that themajority had responded stating that they now supported the scheme but stillwanted to see condition 106 placed on the flat and she had informed Mr. Lloydof this decision.



The Treasurer reported that there was £71,081.63 in the currentaccount and £31,097.35 in the reserve account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

Gwynedd Council        - £833.66 –  empty rubbish bins in the play parks for theyear

Defib Store               -  £1,485.84-   new defibrillator by the Old Library

BHIBInsurance Ltd  - £1,713.93 –  Council’s insurance

Mr. Lee Warwick        - £215.95–  upkeep and clean toilets by memorialhall.

Gwynedd Council         - £53.50  -  tennis court rates

Mr. G. J. Williams       -  £144.00 -  cut grass on football field andKing George playing field

Mr. M. J. Kerr            -  £450.00 -   opening grave re the late Mr.Howell Eric Jones


Moniesreceived since last meeting

Ms Olwen Richards             -£50.00 – allotment rent no. 2

Ms PaulaIreland                  -£30.00 – allotment rent no. 7

Mr.Gareth Jones                 - £40.00 – allotment rent no. 15

GwyneddCouncil         - £35,000.00  - half the precept

SnowdoniaNational Park - £418.87 – grant for equipment in King George playing field

Mr.LeeWarwcik                  - £60.00–  allotment rent nos. 13 & 14

Mrs Stephanie Evans          - £40.00–  allotment rent nos. 5 & 10



GwyneddCouncil – Highways Department

Received a replyfrom the Footpaths Officer regarding the installation of a handrail on publicfootpath number 4 which goes down from Pencerrig to Tegfan and states that hehas inspected the path in question and although agreeing that a handrail by thepath would be a blessing unfortunately there is no funding currently availablefor improvements of this kind. Also stating they are also unable to authorise a newgate at the bottom of this path because the authorisation of new gates and stilesis very limited under section 147 of the Highways Act 1980 and the right islimited to land used solely for agriculture.


MsFiona Porter

Received ane-mail from the above asking if it would be possible to place a plaque on oneof the benches near the Church in memory of her Father. It was agreed for thisplaque to be placed on one of the benches.


Ms Karen Lucas

Received an e-mail from the above asking if it wouldbe possible to prune back trees that are overgrowing from the Bron y Graignature trail into her garden and the Clerk reported further that she hadvisited the site. Cllr Huw Jones agreed to deal with this issue.



It was agreed to send a word of thanks to Ms Sian Roberts for hertireless work as a Council Member over recent years.



There was a discussion about placing 20 m.y.a signs on the road down to YsgolTan y Castell and the Clerk agreed to contact Mrs Shirley Williams about this.

It was stated that concerns had been received that the toilets near the Queenswere being closed early and it was agreed to ask if they could be closed laterespecially now that it is the visitors' season.

Disappointment was expressed that the name of the Lion Hotel had beenchanged to "Harlech House".

It was reported that toilet paper holders were needed in the toilets nearthe Castle and Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite agreed to deal with this issue.

Cllr Huw Jones informed the Members that he had been told that there wasa wall down on the Nature Trail and he had asked Mr. Meirion Evans to repair itas a matter of urgency because it was next to a private house.





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