September 20, 2022




Cllrs. Sian Roberts, Emma Howie.



Cllrs. Huw Jones (Chairman), EdwinaEvans (Vice Chairman), Ceri Griffiths, RhianCorps, Christopher Braithwaite, Martin Hughes, Tegid John, Thomas Mort, GordonHowie, Wendy Williams and Cllr. Gwynfor Owen (Gwynedd Council).


TheChair welcomed Mari Beynon Owen of Chambers Conservation and Elen Hughes fromSnowdonia National Park to the meeting to discuss the new Harlech ConservationArea scheme. Ms Beynon said that she would be pleased to know what Membersthink of Harlech and what should be included in the management plan. SomeMembers stated that the town had changed over the years and that a number of businesseshad closed but at the same time welcomed this Conservation Plan.


TheChair welcomed Mrs Myfanwy Jones and Mrs Jane Emmerson to the meeting todiscuss the work that had been carried out on the land near the Llyn y Felin playingfield. Mrs Emmerson declared that she had volunteered to clear this piece ofland and some of the plants that she intended to plant there was  shown to the Members. It was agreed that she wouldtake out a plan and also an estimate of the final cost.



The minutes of the meeting held on March 7th2022 were found to be correct.



Nobody declared an interest on anymatter.



The following report was receivedfrom Cllr. Gwynfor Owen –It was reported that surgeries were not being held due to the election period inApril and May but that he was still helping individuals who were contactinghim. He had met with Natural Resources Wales about having a boardwalk to thebeach but unfortunately this was not possible as it would be hidden with sandstraight away. He had together with the Clerk and some Board Members of the Harlech& Ardudwy Leisure met with Mabon Ap Gwynfor. That he received complaintsabout overgrowth along roadsides, the resurface of the B road from the towntowards Talsarnau and that a complaint needed to be sent again about thecondition of the road near Morfa Garage. He said that he was very pleased that a handrailhad been placed on the steps of Pentre'r Efail and also stated that he hadattended various events being held in the town, and it was reported thatGwynedd Council was going to paint the equipment in their play park in Y Waun andthey will also be installing new play equipment there.




It was reported that the Council had spent£95,121.78 (whichincluded bank charges) since the start of the new financial year and this was £22,080.88 more expenditurethan what  was earmarked in the budgetfor the year. The Clerk distributedcopies of the Council’s budget plan for the year 2022/23 to every Member andthey went through this plan. It was agreed to adopt this plan for the yearahead.


Ty Canol Signs

The Clerk reported that there was nothingfurther to report with regards to the above matter.






King GeorgeV Playing Field

Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite said that he hadcontacted G. L. Jones, Bethesda and was waiting for them to come back to himwith a date for starting the work. The Clerk reported onbehalf of Cllr. Emma Howie that the items that she had ordered such as twobenches, a hedgehog house, an insect hotel and a bee hotel had arrived andneeded to be placed together and taken to the King George playing field. It wasagreed that Mr. Gareth Jones would be asked to undertake this work and theChairman agreed to contact him. It was agreed to wait until the next meeting tosee the feedback that Cllr. Emma Howie had received following the online survey.


Gas Tanks onNature Trail Land

The Clerk reported that she had received a copy of an e-mail from Mr.Arwel Williams of Tom Parry's company which he had sent to Mrs Kim Collis, PantMawr stating that there was a price of £10,000 for the purchase of the land wherethe gas tanks are located to be paid to this Council and also stating to MrsCollis that she is responsible for the Council's legal costs together with anyadditional costs. Also that a fence is to be erected around the gas tanks.



None hadbeen received since the last meeting.



The Treasurer reported that there was £51,166.20 in the currentaccount and £31,096.10 in the reserve account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

Customs& Excise   -  £110.00–   tax on Clerk’s wages

E. W. Owen& Co.   -  £204.00 –   preparePAYE on line

OneVoice Wales   -   £310.00–   membership fee

Mrs Annwen Hughes - £36.99 –  soapfor the toilets by the Castle

Mr. G.J. Williams     - £180.00 -   cut grass of King George playing field andfootball field

Mr. M. J. Kerr            - £540.00-   opening of grave re the late Mr.Thomas Wyn Richards

Mr. M. J. Kerr            -   £90.00 -  opening of grave re the late Mrs Olwen Poole (ashes)

Mr. Lee Warwick     - £242.20–   upkeepand clean toilets by memorial hall.


Moniesreceived since last meeting

Pritchard& Griffiths    - £825.00 – burial ofthe late Mr. Howell Eric Jones

Pritchard& Griffiths - £1,665.00 – burial of the late Mr. Thomas Wyn Richards


Applications for financial contribution

Harlech& Ardudwy Leisure - £20,457.38 – half precept proposal.


The Treasurer gave a copy of the Council’saccounts for the year ending 31st March 2022 to every Member. The Members wentthrough the accounts carefully and they all accepted the accounts. It was agreedby everybody that the accounts book be signed by the Chairman and the Clerk.



GwyneddCouncil – Municipal Department

Received ane-mail from Mr. Bryn Hughes, Assistant Engineer from the above department apologisingto the Council that he had not yet arranged to meet with some of the Members onthe Bron y Graig Park site due to other commitments at work. Also he informed theMembers that they hope to start shortly on the grass cutting work that will beundertaken three times this year and hope to arrange a meeting on the site sometimeon the 1st of June.


AdultLearning Wales

The Clerkreported that she had received an e-mail from Cath Hicks on behalf of the abovestating that they had now taken the necessary steps for the Charity Commissionsto approve their handing over of Pen y Graig land to the ownership of theCommunity Council. For this reason this matter can now be taken over by their legaladvisers,



EvershedsSutherland and that they have estimated a cost of £4,500 + V.A.T. in respect ofthis matter and ask the Council to confirm whether they were willing to meetthese costs as had been agreed in previous correspondence.The Clerk stated that she had discussed thismatter with the Chaiman and he stated that the cost was too high as the Councilhad stated that they would be willing to pay the costs if they were reasonable. It was agreedto tell them that the Council was willing to pay legal costs up to £2,000 and alsorequest a breakdown of the costs.


Mr. Joe Patton

The Clerk reported that she had received an e-mailfrom the above giving an update to the Council with regards to the work that isbeen done in the WI corner opposite King George playing field and stating thatthe work is progressing well.


Ms Olwen Richards

Received an e-mail from the above asking forpermission to place a bench in memory of her son Thomas Wyn Richards in thepublic cemetery. Permission was granted for this bench to be placed in thecemetery.



On behalfof the Friends of Tanycastle School Cllr. Rhian Corps thanked the Council forthe financial donation the Friends had recently received from the Council.

Cllr MartinHughes gave a report from the recent One Voice Wales meeting.

Cllr. Thomas Mort voiced disappointment that although he had sent aletter to ask for a handrail to be placed on public footpath no. 4 back  in 1997 one had never been installed. It wasalso agreed to ask whether it would be possible to install a gate at the bottomof this path because it came out straight to the main road.

The Clerk reported that the owners of Y Grocer asked if a defibrillatorwas needed outside the shop with one already near the Castle. It was agreedthat one was not required at this location but it would be better to have oneinstalled outside the Old Library.





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