March 22, 2022


Annwen Hughes 07.02.22


Cllrs. Gordon Howie.



Cllrs. Huw Jones (Chairman), EdwinaEvans (Vice Chairman), Christopher Braithwaite, SianRoberts, Martin Hughes, Ceri Griffiths, Rhian Corps, Tegid John, Thomas Mort, EmmaHowie, Wendy Williams and Cllr. Gwynfor Owen (Gwynedd Council).


The Chairmanwelcomed Mr. Dylan Hughes, and Ms Jodie Pritchard, Directors of Harlech andArdudwy Leisure to the meeting to discuss issues of importance to Members thatwere to do with the centre. They informed the Members that Mr. MichaelGriffiths had started in his role as of Harlech and Ardudwy Leisure CentreManager since November 2021. There was a report, which had been sent to everyMember of the Council before the meeting outlining what has been going on atthe Centre recently as well as the work that needs to be done in order to beable to re-open the swimming pool. The Chairman thanked both for coming to us.After they left there was a discussion about a situation that currently existsthere and it was agreed to support the Board with the plans they have.



The minutes of the meeting held on January10th 2022 were found to be correct.

Cllr. Martin Hughes informed the Members thathe had not stated he wanted the Council not to take the precept for this yearbut that he had suggested that the Council reduce the precept for this year.



Nobody had any declaration ofinterst to make.



The following report was receivedfrom Cllr. Gwynfor Owen –that he was still holding surgeries and he had also visited Ffridd Rasus andhad an eye opener to the work that is been done there. He informed the CouncilMembers that the Chief Executive had recently contacted every Member askingthem for information with regard to the slow response they receive fromOfficers and that he had sent him examples. He had arranged for the lifebuoypole on the beach to be renewed, he informed the Members that the white lineson the junction in Bron y Graig had been painted but was concerned that thewhite lines in the middle of the road from Las Ynys towards Talsarnau had stillnot been repainted.




It was reported that the Council had spent£70,195.42 (which included bank charges) since thestart of the new financial year and this was £4,830.52 moreexpenditure than what  was earmarked inthe budget for the year.


Ty Canol Signs

The Chairman reported that he had sent allthe information required with this to Mr. Richard John but had not heard anything back from him. It was agreed that the Chairmancontact Mr. John as a matter of urgency.


King GeorgeV Playing Field

It was agreed that the play equipment in theabove playing field needed tarting up and it was agreed to contact G. L. Jones,Bethsda, Macventure Playgrounds, Adventure Play Wales to ask them to visit thesite and give a quote of what is would cost to repair the necessary equipment.It was agreed to ask the school children what they would like to see asequipment in the playground and Cllr. Rhian Corps agreed to arrange this. Alsothe Clerk reported that Mr. Gareth J. Williams was asking if the football fieldcould be rolled with a heavy roller and it was agreed to ask Mr. Meirion Evansto carry out this work.




Gas Tanks onNature Trail Land

The Clerk reported that she had received an e-mail from Mr. DylanEdward, Solicitor from Guthrie Jones & Jones  stating that the owner of Pant Mawr was notsatisfied to commit to another Licence and that she wanted an Easement betweenthe Council and herself. The Clerk reported that Mr. Edwards was asking if theCouncil would be willing for a valuer to visit the site and that she had spokento the Chairman with regards to this and that he had agreed to this been doneand the Clerk reported further that Mr. Arwel Jones from Tom Parry hadcontacted her stating that he was going to visit the site and he would contacther again. The Clerk reported further that Mr. Arwel Jones had visited the siteand had now suggested that the Council sell the piece of land in question tothe owner of Pant Mawr and the Members agreed for this to be done.



None come to handsince the last Council meeting.



The Treasurer reported that there was £55,463.56 in the currentaccount and £31,095.60 in the reserve account.

The Treasurer reported that the Chairman’s account and the Cemeteryaccount had now been closed and the money that was in the Chairman’s account(£84) had been transferred to the current account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

Brown and Wolfe - £296.00 –  hostingof Council’s website (two years payment)

Mr. Lee Warwick  - £228.40 – upkeep and clean toilets by memorial hall.

Welsh Water        - £117.87  -  allotments water tap


Moniesreceived since last meeting

None cometo hand since the last meeting of the Council



SnowdoniaNational Park

Received aletter from the above’s Cultrual Heritage Project Officer stating that theHarlech and Ardudwy Heritage Project has been on the go since November 2019 ledby the Snowdonia National Park and listing roughly the themes that can beconsidered for a further project that they will be working towards presentingto the National Heritage Lottery fund soon and asking for the Council’s opinionon the potential for developing this type of project and any furthersuggestions on what could be included. The Clerk statedthat she had already sent this e-mail to the Members.



Received a letter from Mari BeynonOwen on behalf of the above stating that the Snowdonia National Park wereembarking on a new project to manage Snowdonia’s 14 Conservation Areasincluding Harlech Conservation Area. Also sending a letter that has been sentpreviously to the Council from the Park, map of the Conservation Area

Concerned and also a link to the plan’sinformation page on the Park’s website

Also stating that theyare eager to join us to discuss the conservation plan further and asking if itwould be possible to arrange this for our next meeting. It was decided toinvite them to the April meeting of the Council and also to forward a copy ofthis e-mail to every Member.


NaturalResources Wales

Received an e-mailfrom Jake Burton Project and Monitoring Officer Sands of Life on behalf of theabove regarding

an importantproject on Morfa Harlech and informing the Council that they will be workingwith Natural Resources WalesForestry Operations and Royal St.David’s Golf Club to clear-fell and remove approx. 9.5 ha ofconifers from the dunes at Harlech. They hope to start this work middle of thismonth. The Clerk stated that she had already sent thise-mail to the Members.





HarlechTriathlon Committee

Received an e-mailfrom Mrs Gwen Owen on behalf of the above committee asking if it would bepossible to use King George V playing field as in the past for parking duringthe Triathlon that is been held on the 26th and 37th ofMarch. Also asking if some of the Council Members would be willing to help as “marshals”on the day. The Clerk reported further that she had also received an e-mailfrom Kerry Bond on behalf of Always Aim High with regards to this matter. Itwas agreed for the Triathlon Committee to use King George V playing field forthis event and for them to hire the field for free.


Gwynedd Council –Department for Economy

Received a letter fromthe above regarding the Our Area 2035 project and stating that over 150conversations across the 13 regeneration areas were had that have highlighted anumber of themes unique to local areas and others that are consistent acrossthe county.  Also thanking the Council forhelping the communities to identify and realise what matters to localresidents, and those priorities that will need to be addressed over the next10-15 years. A summary of the feedback received from thelocal Councils and community groups in the Bro Ardudwy area is attached. Alsostating as a second part of the 'Our Area 2035' project, they will now move onto seek the views of local residents. This will be an opportunity forindividuals to contribute to the process, confirming that they have identifiedthe right local priorities and identifying any potential gaps, and if anyonehas any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact: The Clerk statedthat she had already sent this e-mail to the Members.

Pwllheli RotaryClub

Received an e-mail from Heather Stanton onbehalf of the above regarding an event that will soon take place in the areaand is being organised by the above Club. This event that will take place onthe 11th of June is the challenge of a 20 mile charity walk from CricciethCastle to Harlech Castle for the Marie Curie charity, and asks whether the Llyny Felin playing field could be used as the final checkpoint. It was decided togive permission for Llyn y Felin playing field to be used for this event.



Concernwas raised that there was speeding down Beach Road and Cllr. Gwynfor Owenagreed to deal with this matter.

Itwas reported that a complaint had been received that the noticeboard by MorfaStores looked untidy and it was reported that the noticeborad in question wasunder the ownership of Morfa Stores.

Itwas made known that there is an open day at the Old Library on the 1st March.

Itwas made known that some trees on Penygraig needed pruning and the Chairmanagreed to deal with this matter.





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