March 22, 2022


Annwen Hughes 06.12.21


Cllrs. Huw Jones(Chairman), Sian Roberts, Tegid John, Gordon Howie.



Cllrs. Edwina Evans, Christopher Braithwaite, Martin Hughes, Ceri Griffiths, Rhian Corps, Thomas Mort, Emma Howie, Wendy Williams and Cllr. Gwynfor Owen (Gwynedd Council).


In theabsence of the Chairman the Chair was taken by the Vice Chairman.


TheClerk reported on behalf of the Chairman that he wished to give a big thanks toMr. & Mrs Geraint Williams (Benji and Myf) for their hard work inorganizing the christmas lights in Harlech and also to everyone else whocontributed. It was good to see so many people turn up on the evening especiallyconsidering the weather conditions as Benji had to cancel half the arrangementswhich were planned. Slightly disappointed with CADW as no tree or lights wereon or even the castle lights.



The minutes of the meeting held on November1st 2021 were found to be correct.



Nobody had any declaration ofinterst to make.



The following report was receivedfrom Cllr. Gwynfor Owen – That the whichlines had been reinstalled on part of the road from Harlech towards Las Ynysand also that the work of repairing the dip in the road on the Waun estate hadbeen completed. Had been to visit the new Manager in the swimming pool andtrying to attend every event in the town. He is going to send a letter to CADWbeginning of the year on behalf of Mr. Geraint Williams outlining what isneeded for them to do for December next year. It was made known that three new businesseshad opened in the town within two weeks of each other. Had held surgeries lastweek and some had asked if it would be possible to get a residents parkingpermit in the old school car park and asking what the opinion of the Councilwas in getting rid of the signs stating that there is free parking availablethere. After a discussion it was agreed to wait and see what will be happeningwith the building. Also it was made known that he is meeting the ChiefExecutive of Gwynedd Council on the 9th of this month as he is meeting everyother Councillor in their Wards on the same day.




It was reported that the Council had spent£68,844.24 since the start of the new financial year and this was £8,946.34  moreexpenditure than what  was earmarked inthe budget for the year. This was not a reason of concern as the financialsituation is very healthy.


Ty Canol Signs

The Clerk reported that she had received the plansfrom Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite and that she had completed the planningapplication form for these signs and had sent it to the National Park.


Pen y Graig Land

TheClerk reported that there was no further information with regards to thismatter.



Applicationfor approval of reserved matters for erection of dwelling (Open Market) - MorfaNewydd, Beach Road, Harlech (NP5/61/PIAW505B)

Support this application.



Installationof an air source heat pump - Rhiwlas, 4 Bronwen Terrace, Harlech (NP5/61/L315A)

Support thisapplication.


Conversionof part of building previously used as a toilet block to holiday unit to formone unit with previously approved holiday unit within the same building.Amendments to design of windows and door - Woodlands Caravan Park, Harlech(NP5/61/43W)

Support thisapplication.



The Treasurer reported that there was £53,160.95 in the bank, £31,095.08in the reserve account, £100.00 in the Chairman’s account and £2.82 in thecemetery account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

Snowdonia National Park  - £60.00 –  present planning application for Ty Canolsigns

Mr. Lee Warwick               - £255.88 –  upkeep and clean toilets by memorial hall.

Play Inspection Company - £240.00 – inspection ofboth play parks


Moniesreceived since last meeting

Gwynedd Council -£990.35 – repayment for cutting grass of public footpaths.



Gwynedd Council – Highways Department

The Clerk reported thatshe had received an e-mail from Mr. Gwyn Evans, Footpaths Officer informing theCouncil that the gate on public footpath no. 28 had, at last, been reinstalledand thanking the Council for brining this matter to their attention.


Gwynedd Council –Highways Department

The Clerk reported thatshe had received an e-mail from Mr. Bryn Hughes from the above departmentregarding Bron y Graig Park and informing the Council that he has had various meetingswith different Officers so as to find out what is the standard work thatGwynedd Council budget for this Park. Also stating that the work of tidying thelake and around it has been scheduled to be done twice a year and there isintention to hold a meeting with us on the Park site before the start of thespring if the Council agree to this. The Members agreed to attend a meetingonce a date had been set.


SnowdoniaNational Park

The Clerk reported thatshe had received a letter from the above regarding Conservation Areas that aresuitable for the Twenty First Centuary (Year 1) and informing the Council thatthey are starting on a new project to manage 14 Eryri Conservation Areas andthat Harlech is one of these. Also stating that this project will run between October2021 and March 2022 with the aim of working with the Conservation Areas’ localcommunities and interest groups to develop Appraisals and Management Plans.


Mr. Graham Perch

Received a letter fromthe above on behalf of the Rugby Club thanking the Council for their support todevelop the training pitch and informing the Council that the Club will beerecting a fence around this training pitch  that will prevent badgers and other wildlifefrom gaining entry onto the training pitch.


Harlech & Ardudwy Leisure

The Clerk reportedthat she had received a letter from Mr. Michael Griffiths introducing himselfas the new Manager of the above site. Also thanking the Council for theirsupport with the financial donation that they give every year and  this has enabled to secure the swimming poolfor the community. Also stating further that he his willing with one of theDirectors to attend one of the Council’s meetings to update the Members andtake any questions. It was agreed to invite Mr. Griffiths to the Februarymeeting of the Council.





TheClerk reported that the Council had been successful with the Llyn y Felinplaying field grant application from Gwynedd Council’s Play Capital GrantFund but regretablly not successful with the grantapplication for King George V playing field as there was not enough money left inthe pot to fund this project and also the Council had received a grant from thisFund for this playing field back in December 2020. Also stating that theCouncil is welcome to resubmit this application when the Fund is open again.Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite agreed to contact G. L. Jones with regards toinstalling the equipment in Llyn y Felin playing field and the Acceptance ofGrant form was signed by the Chairman and the Clerk.

The Clerk reported that the Council had beensuccessful with the King George V playing field grant application from the NationalPark’s Small Grant Community Projects Fund  and are going to receive £418.87 of grant oncethe work will have been carried out, but Etta Trumper, Volunteer and Well-Being Officer of thePark was suggesting that one picnic table should be suitable for a wheelchairlocated in the playing field.

Concernwas voiced about the amount of dog mess on the pavement by Tan y Castellschool.

Concernwas voiced that the lights along the road to the swimming pool were notworking.

Cllr.Martin Hughes made it known that he had contacted Gwynedd Council with regardsto the public footpath above Heol y Bryn estate and the Clerk stated that theFootpaths Officer had been in contact with her with regards to this matter.

It wasmade known that an equiry had been receivied asking if it would be possible tohave a tree planted on the small green patch near Llyn y Felin playing field.





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