March 22, 2022


Annwen Hughes 01.11.21


Cllrs. TegidJohn.



Cllrs. Huw Jones (Chairman),  Edwina Evans, Sian Roberts, Christopher Braithwaite, Martin Hughes, Ceri Griffiths, RhianCorps, Gordon Howie, Thomas Mort, Emma Howie, WendyWilliams.



The minutes of the meeting held on October4th 2021 were found to be correct.



Nobody had any declaration ofinterst to make.



The following report was receivedfrom Cllr. Gwynfor Owen – Although this matter is nothing to do withhis Ward he felt that it was important that he let the Members know that thenews had been announced this afternoon that he Welsh Government had scraped theplans for the Llanbedr bypass from going ahead and suggested that the Councilsend a strong letter of disappointment with regards to this to the First Minister. TheClerk, as the County Councillor for Llanbedr Ward stated that it would bebetter to wait as this news had just broken and that she together with theLeader of the Council and the relevant Officers had not yet discussed the wayforward with this news, but certainly they are not taking this news as the endof the matter and that they will be pressing for the Welsh Government to changetheir minds. The Members agreed that this would be the best thing to do. It wasmade known that he had spoken with many electors on the street and over thephone although no surgeries had been held. It was made known that GwyneddCouncil were going to start on the work in the dip in the road by Y Waun estateand also it was made known that a manhole opposite Morfa Garage neededattention and also one on Ty Canol estate. He had received the results of thespeeding problem on morfa road and that he would be meeting an Officer in duecours to discuss this matter further. It was made known that he had received ane-mail stating that Gwynedd Council were going to clear the lake in Bron yGraig park twice a year and that they were ready to start discussions with theCommunity Council with regards to cutting the grass and it was agreed that theClerk would contact Mr. Bryn Hughes from Gwynedd Council to discuss the matterfurther. It was made known that the new sign will be erected on Nant roadshortly, it was made known that a meeting had been held with and Official fromGwynedd Council together with Cllr. Edwina Evans on Min y Don car park and thatthey had agreed to take the barrier down and create a new entrance by the toilesa move the disabled parking spaces to opposite the toilets and reduce the busparking spaces.




It was reported that the Council had spent£49,566.88 sincethe start of the new financial year and this was £8,765.02 less expenditurethan what  was earmarked in the budgetfor the year. This was mainly because the sum of £10,000 that was earmarked forGwynedd Council as payment for the partnership to keep the public toilets openhas not been paid.



The Clerk reported that she had put this matter on the agenda because shehad received several complaints that the site was going to look untidy becauseof the lack of enthusiasm of some of the tenants not looking after their allotment.It was agreed to start charging rent again from April 2022.


Pen y Graig Land

TheClerk reported that she had received an e-mail from Tina Jones on behalf of CathHicks from Adult Learning Wales asking if it would be possible to meet somebodyon site to see what work is required on the path and then she could arrange forsomeone to do the work. The Chairman agreed to meet Tina Jones on site.


Ty Canol Sign

The Clerk reported that she had contacted Mr. AledLloyd from the National Park with regards to the above matter and the answerthat she had received from him stated that it would be an idea for the Councilto contact Gwynedd Council to ask for signs as the possibility would be if theCouncil erected their own signs planning permission would be needed to do that.It was agreed the best option would be to send in a planning application andCllr. Christopher Braithwaite agreed to draw up the relevant plans.



None come to hand since the last meeting.



The Treasurer reported that there was £81,530.91 in the bank, £31,094.82in the reserve account, £100.00 in the Chairman’s account and £2.82 in thecemetery account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

Zoom                              -   £143.88– purchase of zoom programme for another year

British Legion                 -    £17.00 -  poppy wreath

Gwynedd Council      - £10,000.00  - contribution to keep the public toilets inthe area open

Mr. Meirion Griffiths -  £1,725.00 – cut grass of the public cemetery

Mr. Meirion Griffiths -  £1,945.00 – cut grass of the public footpaths

Mr.G. J. Williams            - £144.00 – cut grass King George playingfield and football field

SovereignPlay Ltd       - £5,217.48-  materials to repair Llyn y Felin playequipment (rest of payment)

Mr. Meirion Griffiths -        £25.00– install stake to hold dog poo bin on Nant footpath


Moniesreceived since last meeting

None come to handsince the last meeting.




Received an e-mail fromthe above informing the Council that they are establishing a Slate Landscape ofNorthwest Wales World Heritage Site Community Forum and inviting one representativefrom the Council and a deputy to be part of this Forum and the first meetingwill be held in January 2022. The Clerk reported that she had already forwardedthis e-mail to the Members. Cllr. Thomas Mort agreed to represent the Councilon the Forum and Cllr. Martin Hughes agreed to deputise.


Mr. Graham Perch

Received a letter fromthe above on behalf of the Rugby Club informing the Council that they had beensuccessful to receive a grant from Cronfa Eryri towards redeveloping thetraining field and they are expected to complete the work by the end of March2022. They are hoping to erect a fence around the training field so as toensure that no animals of any sort can gain access onto it and ruining the workand therefore asking if the Council had any comments with regards to this. Itwas agreed that the Council did nothave any comments to make on the matter otherthat they are worried because of the badger set behind T3 on the golf land thatthey would come and dig up the new turf.



TheChairman made it known that he and Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite had been toinspect the salt bins and there was a need to empty the present salt that hasgone hard and place fresh salt in all of them.

It was madeknown that the rubbish bin in Llyn y Felin playing field had not been emptiedand that rubbish was strewn all over the field. It was agreed to contact GwyneddCouncil with regards to this.

TheChairman made it nown that Gwynedd Council were going to install 3 additionalelectrical points and one by Ty Canol estate and erect christmas lights on themat a cost of £1,020. Everyone agreed for this one off payment to be made whenneeded.


It was madeknown that a request had been received asking for lights to be erected on thefootball field but it was stated that the Rugby Club had erected lights on thetraining field and that it was possible to use this site. Also it was agreednot to erect lights on the football field as there is no football team in thearea at the moment.

Concernswere voiced that a car towing a caravan had gone down Twtil because there is nosign on the top of the road in the middle of town to state that the road isunsuitable.

It wasmade known that Cllrs. Sian Roberts and Christopher Braithwaite would beholding a meeting on the 4th of this month with Gwen Evans to discuss Our Community2035 and asking if anyone had any comments to make with regards to this matter.

Itwas made known that the kissing gate between Pant Mawr and Madley Evans’sresidence needed attention and Cllr. Martin Hughes stated that he was going tocontact Gwynedd Council with regards to this.

Cllr.Martin Hughes made it known that he had met with Mr. Tony Stringfellow withregards to the theatr.

Cllr.Martin Hughes stated that he had attended the Old Library’s AGM and that theywere thanking the Council for the recent donation.

Adiscussion took place with regards to developing the cycle track in King Georgeplaying field and the Chairman agreed to discuss this matter with Tracy Dawson.

Cllr.Edwina Evans reported that she had attended the Board meeting of Harlech andArdudwy Leisure on behalf of the Council and an accurate report was receivedfrom her of what had been discussed.





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