October 15, 2019

Minutes from meeting on 1st July 2019

These are the minutes of the council meeting held on 1st July 2019
Judith Strevens




Cllr. Judith Strevens, Caerwyn Roberts , Elfyn Anwyl ,Gordon Howie.



Cllrs. Huw Jones (Chairman),  FreyaBentham (Vice Chairman), Ceri Griffith, Sian Roberts, Edwina Evans, Wendy Williams,Martin Hughes, Thomas Mort.



The minutes of the meeting held on June 3rd2019 were found to be correct.



No Member declared an interest onany matter.




It was reported that the Council had spent£13,349.69 since the start of the new financial year and this was £14,815.76 lessexpenditure than what  was earmarked inthe budget for the year. This was mainly because the cost of £10,000 as acontribution to keep the public toilets open had not been spent, or the £4,000 that had been earmarked to buildthe wall in the public cemetery, cutting the grass on thepublic footpaths (£858 earmarked so far) and the cost of cutting the grass ofthe public cemetery (£1,072 earmarked so far) does not get payed untilNovember, only £480 cost had been with the cemetery (£872 earmarked), or thepublic seats (£375 earmarked). The Council’s insurance was only £1,400 and£2,000 had been earmarked.


Bron y Graig Nature Trail

Cllr.Huw Jones reported that Mr. Meirion Evans had completed the work that on the boundarywall on the above site and that the work was of very high standard, also he hadfinished the work of re-building the wall that has fallen near the allotments. Alsothe Clerk reported that she had asked Cllr. Judith Strevens with regard tosignage and that she had stated that she was waiting for brackets so as to putthem up.


Land between Sibrwd y Mor and Wern y Wylan

It was madeknown that no further information had come to hand regarding the above land butenquiries were still being done to try and find Jennifer Ann Neves  Horn.


Toilets by the Castle

The Clerkreported that she had received a copy of a contract and that she had drawn oneup so as to give to Mr. Phil Griffiths but there was a need to know how manyhours he was going to work and when the toilets would be closed and theChairman agreed to go and see Mr. Griffiths.


Standing Orders, Financial Regulations andMembers Interest

The Clerk reported that she had sent a copyof the new ones of the above to every Member through e-mail  so that they would get more time to readthem. It was agreed to adopt the new standing orders and the new financialregulations.









Inspection of bus shelters, cemetery, play parksand other areas

TheChairman reported that he had carried out the above inspection and thateverything looked fine and that he had arranged that Mr. Meirion Evans wouldplace the stone back under the plinth on Pen y Graig, and that Mr. Gareth Joneshad started on the benches by Ty Canol estate and that he had asked Mr. LeeWarwick to stain them as Mr. Gareth Jones does not do this sort of work.


Harlech Regeneration Group

Cllr.Freya Bentham reported that a grant had been received towards running the hoppabus this year and that a meeting would be held on the 10th of this month so asto discuss the final arrangements.


Model Local Resolution Protocol

TheClerk reported that the Members had decided at the last meeting to put thismatter on the agenda so as to discuss it further before deciding to adopt it ornot. It was agreed to adopt this.


Harlech and Ardudwy Leisure Board Meeting

Cllr.Freya Bentham reported that she and Cllr. Gordon Howie had attended a meetingof the above that was held on the 20th of June on behalf of the Council and shereported as follows – that new windows had been put up betwen the cafe and thepool, that there was a need for somebody new to carry out the work with theaccounts and that an electrician had been out to see the street lighting andthat they were being monitored for two weeks.


Gwynedd Council Matters

Cllr. Freya Bentham reported that the NationalPark were almost  ready to appoint acontractor to carry out the work of demolishing the former St David’s hotel and that no local companies had tried. The companyare checking for asbestos first, and if the asbestos is a huge issue, thenthere isn’t enough money for demolition. However, if it’s not a huge issue, demolitionlooks likely for September . That she had a meeting with Iwan Ap Trefor  from Gwynedd Council and they are looking intoways of reducing speeding on St. David’s hill and also on the Morfa Road outsidethe Ty Canol estate. She had spoken to Kathryn Robson from Adult Learning Walesand they are keen to start an adult learning provision in Harlech, thereforeplease get in touch with any curriculum or classes the community might like.The patching works on Ffordd Penllech is being carried out soon and safetyworks are being carried out before the cycle event in August.



Noapplications received since the last Council meeting.



The Treasurer reported that there was £25,688.03 in the bank, £31,028.72in the reserve account,  £200.00 in theChairman’s account and £2.82 in the cemetery account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

Customs& Excis     - £109.80 - tax on Clerk’s wages

Mr. G.J. Williams   - £414.00 – cut grass onKing George playing field and football field x 2

Mr. M.J. Kerr            -£80.00 – opening grave re the late Mrs Doris Annlethea Thomas (ashes)

Mr.Meirion Evans    - £2,000 -  repair wall by Bron y Graignature trail and wall by allotments

Cyngor Gwynedd       -£8,000  - contribution to keep the toilets open

Mr.Geraint Williams - £1,000 –  Christmaslights

BHIBInsurance      -    £104.82 -  additional insurance (add toilets to the policy)


Moniesreceived since last meeting

GwyneddCouncil     - £6,430.70 – repayment carparks income.

Pritcharda Griffiths - £1,530.00 – burial of the late Mr. Gwilym Richard Williams









Snowdonia National Park

Received aletter from the above informing the Council that the annual meetings betweenthe National Park and the Councils will be held on 30th September at  Plas y Brenin, Capel Curig, 1st October inPlas Tan y Bwlch and 3rd October in Neuadd Dyfi, Aberdyfi and that every meetingstarts at 6.30 p.m. It was stated that more information will be sent out nearerthe date.


Ms Marisa O’Hara

Received ane-mail together with pictures from the above complaining about the untidy anddirty state of the bus shelter by the toilets near the Queens. The Chairmanagreed to contact a company from Barmouth and ask them to clean it and alsoclean the bus shelter by Bron yr Hwylfa estate at the same time.


Community Fund

Received aletter from the above informing the Council that an application had beenpresented to them recently in the Council’s name for a project called “HarlechTogether” and asking if the Council knew about this application. It was agreedthat the Council knew about it and that it was a grant application towardsrunning the hoppa bus.



It was agreedto give permission for the christmas lights to be purchased.

Concern was voicedthat work was being carried out on the land near Ty Canol estate and Cllr.Freya Bentham agreed to look into this matter.

Concern wasvoiced that part of the Ty Canol estate road had not been adopted and Cllr.Freya Bentham agreed to look into this matter.

It was madeknown that there was overgrowth coming from the land at Peny Garth that neededattention.

It was madeknown that there was a hole in the pavement between Morawel and Howel y Gwyntand Cllr. Freya Bentham agreed to look into this matter.

Concern wasvoiced that the gates of King George playing field were always left open andthe Chairman agreed to deal with this matter.

Create amanagement committee on the agenda for September.

It was madeknown that  one of the bollards oppositeYr Odyn had disappeared.

FforddPenllech on the agenda for September.

It was madeknown that some were concerened that there was work being carried out in UpperBron y Graig car park and that parking spaces were going to be lost.

There is aneed to cut the holly tree opposite no. 10 Y Waun and the Chairman agreed todeal with this matter.

Concern wasvoiced that the stone that belongs to Welsh Water had broken again near YsgolArdudwy roundabout and Cllr. Freya Bentham agreed to look into this matter.

Concern wasvoiced that Bron y Graig park was looking untidy and Cllr. Freya Bentham agreedto look into this matter.











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