October 15, 2019

Minutes from meeting on 1st April 2019

These are the minutes from the council meeting held on Monday 1st April 2019
Judith Strevens




Cllr. Elfyn Anwyl,  Sian Roberts.



Cllrs. Judith Strevens (Chairman),Huw Jones (Vice Chairman), CeriGriffith, GordonHowie. Edwina Evans, Caerwyn Roberts , Thomas Mort, Wendy Williams, MartinHughes, Freya Bentham.


The Chairmanwelcomed Rhys and Mark from Welsh Cycling and also Mr. Mike Locker owenr ofWoodlands caravan park to the meeting to discuss the cycling event that istaking place on the 11th August this year when cyclists from all over will becycling up Ffordd Penllech. Details of the event up to now was made known bythem and it was agreed for them to come back to a Council meeting in June.



The minutes of the meeting held on March 4th2019 were found to be correct.



No Member declared an interest onany matter.




It was reported that the Council had spent£52, 048.80 since the start of the new financial yearand this was £16,159.10 less expenditure than what  was earmarked in the budget for the year.This was because the Council had earmarked £5,000 to the Community Parks Groupfor May and this had not been spent yet, the cost of cutting the grass on thepublic footpaths was not as much as had been earmarked  (earmarked £2,500 spent £1,775), or the costof cutting the grass in the cemetery (earmarked £2,000 spent £1,550.50), the costwith the cemetery had not been so much (£3,500 earmarked spent £810.90), nocost had arisen with the benches (earmarked £750), or with upkeep in general (£500earmarked),  or with Bron y Graig naturetrail (earmarked £600), also the £4,000 that had been earmarked to build a wallin the cemetery had not been spent. The Clerk distributed copies of theCouncil’s budget plan for the year 2019/20 to the Members that were present andthey went through this plan. It was agreed to adopt this plan for the yearahead.


Bron y Graig Nature Trail

Cllr.Huw Jones reported that he had visited the above site to inspect the boundarywall and that it is in a very bad state in several places. It was agreed to askfor quotes so as to rebuild the wall from Mr. Arfon Pugh, Mr. Harri Pugh andMr. Meirion Evans and ask them to contact Cllr. Huw Jones so as to visit thesite. It was made known that there is a need to refurbish the wooden bridge andit was agreed to ask the above three to look at that at the same time as thewall. The Chairman agreed to ask Sign Creation for signs to be placed eitherend of the path stating that visitors go onto this path at their own risk.


Land between Sibrwd y Mor and Wern y Wylan

It was madeknown by Cllr. Freya Bentham that the land between the above places has notbeen registered and that she is still carrying out enquiries regarding the landin question. It was also made known that the footpath has also not beenregistered.







Toilets by the Castle

The Clerkreported that she had received and e-mail from Gwynedd Council regarding theabove stating that they are not willing to re-open these toilets because thesavings of closing the toilets has been taken out from their budget and to openthem up again with the contribution of £2,000 from this Council would stillmean that they would be overspending to run them. Also stating that they wouldbe willing to transfer this asset to the Community Council to run as there areno TUPE effects on them. The Clerk reported further that she had asked how muchwould the costs be for this Council to run these toilets if they decided totake them over and that she had received the following reply – upkeep costs£1,204.35, cleaning costs £4,276.75, electricity costs £180.12, rates costs£759.15 and water costs £764.17 making a total of £7,184.54 per  year to run them. It was agreed unanimouslyto take over the responsibility of these toilets and that the Clerk contactsGwynedd Council once again to state this and also to ask for more informationwith regard to running the site.


The Nant Footpath

Cllr. FreyaBentham made it known that the above path is now in a better condition and thatGwynedd Council are waiting for drier weather so as to refurbish it.


Inspection of bus shelters, cemetery, play parksand other areas

Due tothe absence of Cllr. Elfyn Anwyl it was not possible to have a report on theabove inspection.


Harlech Regeneration Group

Cllr.Freya Bentham reported that there was nothing to report with regard to theabove Group since the last Council meeting.


Harlech and Ardudwy Leisure Board Meeting

TheChairman reported that she had attended a meeting of the above Board on behalfof the Council on the 21st of last month and that it was a very lengthy meeting  and she reported as follows – that 7 membersof the Board were present and that Mr. Chris Hulse had agreed to carry on to dothe accounts for another year. That the income of the wall and cafe were up butthe income of the pool was down. That discussions had been held regarding thehopper bus picking up passengers from the swimming pool car park and thesediscussions were still ongoing. The Board have employed one other person tocarry out maintenance work which has proved very helpful. She stated that shehad voiced concern with regard to the electricity costs. The next meeting willbe held on the 20th June.


Gwynedd Council Matters

Cllr.Freya Bentham reported that she had been informed that the Old Primary Schoolwas not for sale anymore until the Council had completed the housing stragerty.It was also made known that the Coleg site had now been sold and that the newowner, Mr. Irvine had now signed, that the site of the former St. Davids Hotelwas going to be demolished in September and that Gwynedd Council had refusedfor Min y Don car park to be split into two categories namely long stay andshort stay. The Chairman made it known that a new bin was needed in upper Brony Graig car park and Cllr. Bentham agreed to contact Gwynedd Council withregard to this matter.



Removal of Chimney – Hiraethog, Stryd Fawr, Harlech(NP/61/599B)

Support thisapplication


Retrospective application to retain the re-sitingof units 10, 11, 12, 13 a 15 and omission of previouis unit 14 (re-name unit 13to unit 14) including parking and road layout, the retention of additional stoneretaining walls, boundary walls and timber boundary fencing and the retentionof stone terraces, landscaping, screening and the retention of a summer house -PantMawr Residential Park, Harlech (NP5/61/132W)

Refuse thisapplication because a wall should be built instaed of erecting a fence. Concernwas voiced by the Members that so many retrospective planning application arebeing presented to the planning department.





The Treasurer reported that there was £22,945.27 in the bank, £1,023.28in the reserve account,  £15.00 in theChairman’s account and £2.82 in the cemetery account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

Customs &Excis    -      £79.80      -   tax on Clerk’s wages

E. W. Owen& Co.  -     £192.00  -   prepare PAYE on line

One VoiceWales   -     £285.00     -   membership fee

Gwynedd Council  -    £105.20    -    tennis court rates

GwyneddCouncil  -       £91.30   -    empty playing fields litterbins


Moniesreceived since last meeting

Vicky& Russ - £40.00 – rent for allotment no. 16


The Treasurer distributed copies of theaccounts for the year ending 31st March 2019 to every Member present. TheMembers went throught the accounts carefully and they all accepted the accounts.The accounts book was signed by the Chairman and the Clerk.

Onbehalf of the Concil the Chairman thanked the Clerk/Treasurer for preparingdetailed accountsevery year and also for all the hard work that she does toprepare these.



Gwynedd Council – Highways Department

Received ane-mail from the above informing the Council that the Morfa Road by the crossingwill be closed all day Wednesday 3rd April so that essential work can becarried out on the crossing.



Concern wasvoiced on hearing that some of the public thought that the Council had givenpermission for the demolision of the band room and the tennis court following arecent meeting with representatives of the Harlech in Action Group and theMembers wanted to make it clear that the Council HAD NOT given permission forthis to be done and they had only listened to what were the plans of Harlech inAction in this meeting. Great concern was voiced that the Harlech in ActionGroup had not consulted with members of the band in the first place beforecarrying on with their plans.

Cllr. FreyaBentham made it known  that she had beenspeaking with Christine Rhisiart, BusinessDevelopment Adviser, Coleg Meirion Dwyfor in an event in Harlech on the 27th oflast month and that she had suggested a further meeting with her so as todiscuss the support the Coleg could give the community.

It was agreed there wasa need to create a financial donations policy. Agenda next month.

Put Ffordd Penllech onthe agenda for next month.

Cllr. MartinHughes gave a report on his three day visit to Ireland recently namely “IrishWorld Towns Network”.
Cllr. Caerwyn Roberts made it known that he had met with Mr. Harri Pugh in thecemetery so as to discuss erecting the wall and it was agreed to hold a meetingin the cemetery on the 30th of this month at 7.00 p.m. so as to discuss theplans further.

Cllr. GordonHowie made it known that the Harlech Rygbi Club are going to install newlighting in the training area in King George playing field shortly.

Cllr. EdwinaEvans made it known that Harlech W.I want permission to tidy up the piece ofland by the chruch and this permission was given to them.






It was madeknown that public footpath no. 24 needed attention.

It was madeknown that the new roof on the Old Slaughter House was leaking and it wasagreed to contact Mr. Geraint Williams, Gwrach Ynys regarding this.

It was agreedthat there was a need to organize a community clean up event shortly.

The Clerkreported that she had received a request from Sarah Bailey to erect a stall inKing George playing field on the triathlon day on the 14th of this month so asto promote the new venture her and a friend have to roast coffee. It was agreedto give permission for this stall to be erected.










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