October 15, 2019

Minutes from meeting on 13th May 2019

These are the minutes from the council meeting held on Monday 13th May 2019
Judith Strevens




Cllr. Judith Strevens (Chairman), Elfyn Anwyl, Thomas Mort.



Cllrs. Huw Jones (Vice Chairman), Ceri Griffith, Gordon Howie. Sian Roberts, Edwina Evans, CaerwynRoberts , Wendy Williams, Martin Hughes, Freya Bentham.


In the absence of the Chairman, theChair was taken by the Vice Chairman.



The minutes of the meeting held on April1st 2019 were found to be correct.



No Member declared an interest onany matter.



Beforediscussing this matter the Clerk stated that she had received an e-mail fromCllr. Judith Strevens asking if it would be possible for her to take a yearaway from the Council but she was still willing to carry on with some projects.The reason for this was, because of personal reasons and also she wanted tostep down as Chairman. The Clerk reported further that she had contacted theappropriate Officers in Gwynedd Council with regard to this matter and that areply had been received stating that the decision was up to the Members of theCommunity Council to make. It was agreed unanimously for Cllr. Strevens to takea year away from the Council because of personal reasons.


Electionof Officers for  the year 2019/20:-

Chairman:- Cyng. Huw Jones

Vice Chairman:- Cllr. Freya Bentham

Members of various Sub-Committees:-Cemetery – gather any 6 Councillors together

                                                                               Planning– gather any 6 Councillors together

                                                                               Llwybrau – Cllr. Thomas Mort and any other 5 Councillors

                                                                               MemorialHall – Cllrs. Edwina Evans and Ceri Griffiths

                                                                               Playingfields – gather any 6 Councillors together

                                                                               OldLibrary – Cllrs. Thomas Mort, Edwina Evans and Martin Hughes

                                                                               OneVoice Wales - Cllrs. Thomas Mort, Caerwyn Roberts and Martin Hughes                                                                      PublicSeats – Cllrs. Thomas Mort, Judith Strevens and Elfyn Anwyl

                                                                               Allotments–Cllrs . Judith Strevens, Caerwyn Roberts and Gordon Howie

                                                                                Bron y Graig Nature Trail – Cllrs. Huw Jones andElfyn Anwyl

                                                                               Harlech& Ardudwy  Leisure – Cllrs. GordonHowie and Freya Bentham

                                                                               TanycastellSchool Governor – Cllr. Sian Roberts & Edwina Evans (sub)


When taking over the Chair on behalf of theCouncil Cllr. Huw Jones thanked Cllr. Judith Strevens for all the work that shehad done on behalf of the Council during the last year and best wishes for thefuture was conveyed to her and her Husband.



It was reported that the Council had spent£753.30 sincethe start of the new financial year and this was £1,355.70 less expenditurethan what  was earmarked in the budgetfor the year. This was because the cost of cutting the grass



on the public footpaths £358 earmarkedevery month) and the cost of cutting the grass of the public cemetery (£286earmarked every month) does not get payed until November, and there were noother costs with the cemetery (£288 earmarked), or the public seats ((£375earmarked).


Bron y Graig Nature Trail

Cllr. HuwJones reported that he had visited the above site with Mr. Meirion Evans to discussthe work that was needed to be carried out on the boundary wall and the woodenbridge and nobody else the Council had invited to tender had contacted him. TheClerk reported further that she had received a price from Mr. Meirion Evans of£1,500 + VAT to carry out the necessary work and it was agreed to accept thisprice. Also the Clerk was asked to make enquires with Cllr. Judith Strevenswith regard to signage.


Land between Sibrwd y Mor and Wern y Wylan

It was madeknown that a planning application had been put in on this land around 1980 inthe name of Ellinor Neves and was since then living in Canada. It was also madeknown that an Officer from the National Park had visited the site but,regretfully there was nothing they could do with regard to the matter.


Toilets by the Castle

The Clerkreported that she had received a further e-mail from Gwynedd Council regardingthe above stating that they had put an application forward for a draft LeaseHeads of Terms for the Castle toilets and this would highlight theresponsibilities of both parties (Gwynedd Council and Harlech CommunityCouncil). With regard to employing a cleaner this matter is entirely up to theCommunity Council who they wish to employ, this is nothing to do with GwyneddCouncil, and the contract would be between the Community Council and thecleaner only. They hope to move on swiftly with the work of brining thestatement of terms together and then the Community Council can discuss it andif everybody is happy with this it will then be possible to arrange a leasevery soon. It was agreed to accept these Lease Heads of Terms and ask if alease could be drawn up. It was also agreed to ask Mr. Phil Griffiths if itwould be possible for him to add these toilets to his list of toilets that hecleans.


Cemetery Meeting – 30.4.19

It wasreported that a meeting had been held on the above site and that everybody thatwas present had agreed there was a need to clear the growth back about 6’ fromthe graves and place sand down and remove the bank and erect a fence. It wasalso agreed there was a need to clear some of the trees that were growing inthe burial space by the allotments. It was agred to ask Mr. Harri Pugh to carryout all this work. The Clerk reported that Mr. Aneurin Evans had asked if itwould be possible to plant a tree that he had grown in memory of his Grandsonin the cemetery and everybody agreed to this and Cllr. Huw Jones agreed to dealwith this matter.


Inspection of bus shelters, cemetery, play parksand other areas

Due tothe absence of Cllr. Elfyn Anwyl it was not possible to have a report on theabove inspection. It was agreed that the Clerk contact Cllr. Judith Strevens tomake enquires with regard to the sign that was suppose to be erected in Llyn yFelin playing field.


Harlech Regeneration Group

Cllr.Freya Bentham reported that a grant application regarding the hoppa bus hadbeen sent in and that she had a meeting with Esyllt with regard to grants andLawrance Smith from CADW shortly.


Harlech and Ardudwy Leisure Board Meeting

It wasreported that no meeting of the above had been held since the last Councilmeeting and that the next meeting will be held on the 20th June.








Gwynedd Council Matters

Cllr. Freya Bentham reported that the work wasgoing to start on upper Bron y Graig car park shortly and also that a speedsurvey had been carried out on Morfa Road and that Iwan Ap Trefor was going tovisit the site in the near future. She also stated that she had attended ameeting with the Ardudwy Cycling Club and Aled Lloyd from the National Parkwith regard to developing a cycle track.



Retrospective application for the retention of araised patio area – Y Garreg, Y Lech, Harlech (NP5/61/T308D)

Support thisapplication


Installation of 100m3 water storage tank onconcrete base to supply course irrigation system – Royal St. Davids Golf Club, Harlech(NP5/61/100P)

Support thisapplication



The Treasurer reported that there was £57,251.97 in the bank, £1,023.45in the reserve account,  £15.00 in theChairman’s account and £2.82 in the cemetery account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

Mr. G. J.Williams    - £178.00 – cut grass offootball field and King George V playing field

BHIB  Insurance  -  £1,400.94 -  Council’s insurance


Moniesreceived since last meeting

Vicky& Russ - £40.00 – rent for allotment no. 16

Mrs S.Evans - £20.00 – rent for allotment no. 10

GwyneddCouncil - £35,000.00 – half the precept


Applications for financial assistance

Harlech& Ardudwy Leisure - £9,797.45 – half the precept proposal


TheTreasurer reported that she had transferred £30,000 from the Council’s currentaccount to the deposit account so as to get a bit of interest as there was asubstantial sum of money in the current account after the precept had come in.She also stated that she had transferred £185 to the Chairman’s account to makeit up to £200 but the Council had agreed to donate £100 from this accounttoParkinsons UK as a donation following the success of Cllr. Judith Strevensand her Husband  in completing the LondonMarathon recently.


TheTreasurer reported further that she had been to see the Internal Auditor andthat she had received a good report and that all the books were in order andthe account correct apart from the fact that the Internal Auditor had drawnattention to the fact that new Standing Orders and Financial Regulations areneeded as the ones the Council have are out of date. Also there is a need forthe Council to comply with Section 81 of the Local Government Act 2000 bypublishing the register of members interests and ensuring that the informationand accounts are published on the website. It was agreed to put this matter onnext month’s agenda.



Gwynedd Council – Corporate Support Department

Received ane-mail from the above informing the Council that the toilets by the Queens willbe closing between the 10th May until the 14th June so as upgrading work can becarried out following attracting RCDF grant.








HM Land Registry

Received aletter from the above informing the Council that the Trustees of Rehoboth Chapelhad presented an application to register the piece of land by the chapelcemetery and also the babtism pool. There was no objection to this.


Old Library and Memorial Hall Committee

Received a letter from the above the urgent need to update the constitutionsof both charities and that  this has been discussed Annual General Meeting ofboth committees. Having considered the advice of the Charities Commission inits guidance notes and being concerned about the level of financial risk thecharities face, particularly as significant grants are being applied for, bothcharities have decided that the only way forward is to become incorporatedusing the Charity Commission Charitable Incorporated Institution Associationmodel and this will give the charities more protection from financial risk. Theprocedure will involve setting up new charities to replace the old and thereforeare asking for the support of the Council to these proposed changes and to makeavailable legal advice and financial support. It was agreed to support this andit was also agreed to give financial support towards legal fees.



Cllr. SianRoberts stated that she was very pleased to see the work on the plinth inPenygraig had been completed and that now the plinth is looking good.

It was madeknown that CADW have put tenders out asking for prices to clean the statue bythe Castle.

It was madeknown that the Old Library committee was looking for grants.

Cllr. FreyaBentham stated that she had received a letter from the Community Parks Groupwith regard to matters with King George playing field.

Concern wasvoices with regard to parking by Tan y Castell school and Cllr. Sian Robertsstated that she would bring the matter up at the next Governors meeting.










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