October 15, 2019

Minutes from meeting held on 2nd September 2019

These are the minutes of the meeting held on 2nd September 2019
Judith Strevens




Cllr. Judith Strevens, Caerwyn Roberts , Elfyn Anwyl ,Gordon Howie.



Cllrs. Huw Jones (Chairman),  FreyaBentham (Vice Chairman), Ceri Griffith, Sian Roberts, Edwina Evans, Wendy Williams,Martin Hughes, Thomas Mort.


TheChairman welcomed Mr. Geraint Williams to the meeting to discuss the christmaslights that have been purchased by him ready for the arrangements that he hasin hand with the activities in the town before christmas which will be takingplace on the 30th of November. Mr. Williams stated that he was grateful for theCouncil’s contribtion towards purchasing these lights but he had concerns thatthe cost of erecting the lights on the lamp posts would be expensive. Cllr.Freya Bentham agreed to contact Gwynedd Council with regard to gettingpermission to erect these lights and also the Council agreed to pay the costfor this work to be done. Mr. Williams was thanked for coming to the meeting.



The minutes of the meeting held on July 1st2019 were found to be correct.

It wasagreed that Cllr. Martin Hughes would given his presentation on his visit toIreland in March to the Members in the November meeting.



No Member declared an interest onany matter.




It was reported that the Council had spent£25,182.80 since the start of the new financial year and this was £10,244.65 lessexpenditure than what  was earmarked inthe budget for the year. This was mainly because only £8,000 had been spent asa contribution to keep the public toilets open instead of £10,000, the £4,000 that had been earmarked to build thewall in the public cemetery had not been spent, cuttingthe grass on the public footpaths (£1,786 earmarked so far) and the cost ofcutting the grass of the public cemetery (£1,430 earmarked so far) does not getpayed until November, only £480 cost had been with the cemetery (£1,456 earmarked),or the public seats (£375 earmarked).


Createa Management Committee

Clllrs. FreyaBentham  and Martin Hughes reported thatthey had been thinking there was a need to create a committee and for it to beknown as “the play parks management committee” and that four members of theCouncil would be on it and members of other groups in the community i.e. thecycling club and the community play park. Cllr. Freya Bentham made it knownthat a request had been made to place a story telling chair in the quite cornerof King George V playing field and this was agreed to.


Traffic through the town during the summer

The concernsthat the local residents had to the volume of heavy traffic going through thetown during the summer season was stated. A variety of ideas that had been voiced so as to solve the situation wasdiscussed, but it was agreed in the end it would be better to monitor thesituation as there is no easy solution to solve the situation.






Toilets by the Castle

The Clerkreported that she had sent a copy of the contract regarding the terms ofcleaning the above toilets to Mr. Phil Griffiths to sign since the last Councilmeeting but she had still not received it back. Also the Officer in GwyneddCouncil wanted to know if the Council were going to get  somebody to inspect the these toilets beforethey are transferred and the Chairman agreed to go and ask Mr. Griffiths to dothis. It was agreed further that the Clerk would contact the Officer in GwyneddCouncil to express the thanks of the Council for the good work that has beendone to the toilets by the Queens but there is a need for a soap dispenser onthe premises.


Harlech Regeneration Group

Cllr.Freya Bentham reported that the hoppa bus had not been so successful this year butit was made known that much use was made of it in the afternoons and it wasstated that there were not so many signs advertising the bus around the areathis year and more was needed for next year if the bus will be running again.Also volunteers to promote the scheme will be needed and it was stated ifanybody had an interest to volunteer for them to contact Cllr. Freya Bentham.It was made known that there is a meeting of this group being held on the 24thof October.



It was made known that better signage isneeded at the top and bottom and also it was stated that there is a problemwith the drainage near Afallon and Cllr. Freya Bentham reported that WelshWater were repairing it. It was also made known that a request had been donefor more litter bins along the road and also that CADW had put an applicationin for a defibrillator. The Clerk reported that she had received a request fromMrs Sarah Badham asking if the Council would be willing funding the cost ofplacing a bench or a plaque in memory of the late Mr. Gareth Rees on PenllechRoad. After a discussion, although the Council approved for a bench to beplaced on this road, they are not in a position to fund the cost as so manymemorial benches/plaques have been placed around the area by families, theCouncil did not want this matter to be any different and also they would bestarting a precedency for future requests from families. It was also agreedthat is was the responsibility of the family to fund a memorial bench/plaque andit was suggested  that, as Mr. Rees was aserving fireman why did they not approach the Fire Service in Harlech to askthem to donate a bench or memorial plaque.


Inspection of bus shelters, cemetery, play parksand other areas

TheChairman reported that he had carried out the above inspection and that Mr.Gareth Jones had  finished the work onthe benches by Ty Canol estate and that Mr. Lee Warwick had done the work ofstaining them  and the two had carriedout a very good job. It was agreed to ask Mr. Gareth Jones to remove the brokenseat by Pant Mawr and also to carry out the work that is needed on the bench onSt. David’s Hill. The Chairman stated that he was going to ask Washbrook tocarry out the work of cleaning the bus shelters and this was agreed to. Concernwas voiced at the state of Brony Graig Park in general especially the pond andCllr. Freya Bentham agreed to contact Gwynedd Council with regard to this andask them to cut back the trees along the road from St. David’s Hill towards thetown. The Clerk reported that she had been done aware that a new gate post and hookwas required on the gate that is between the public cemetery and the cemeterycar park and the Chairman agreed to ask Mr. Meirion Evans to carry out thiswork. The Clerk reported that she had received a complaint of dog poo in placesin the allotments and also outside the gate and Cllr. Freya Benthm agreed toplace “no dogs” signs there.


Harlech and Ardudwy Leisure Board Meeting

It wasreported that a meeting of the above had not been held since the last Councilmeeting.


Gwynedd Council Matters

Cllr. Freya Bentham reported that the NationalPark had appointed a contractor to carry out the work of demolishing the formerSt David’s hotel and that this would be startingthis month.  Also she reported that shehad received the results of the speeding along Morfa Road and that GwyneddCouncil Officers had agreed to ask the Go Safe vehicle to visit the area on aregular basis. It was also made known that 10 parking spaces were lost in UpperBron y Graig car park when the work of creating a place for coaches to park wasdone. She stated that she had received the following statement from AnnieO’Brien from Harlech a’r Cylch - A claim for "adversepossession" of unregistered land can be brought by someone who hassquatted on the land for a period of 12 years of more. At the end of last





year a person from Dolgellau, with no connection to the land, began totry to do this on land along Ffordd Uchaf between Harlech and Llanfair. Hefenced off two large fields between Sibrwd y Mor and Wern y Wylan and installedsecurity cameras. He has planted rapidly growing trees which will block the seaviews. Harlech Community Council has contacted the National Park Authority anddifferent departments in Gwynedd Council. They have found that , unfortunately,it appears that this person is not doing anything illegal. So, to oppose this,we need to find the owner of the land. The Community Council have also donelots of investigating into the ownership of the land. They asked locals forinformation and everyone said a woman in Canada owned it. The National Parkfound a planning application from an Elinor Neves from Toronto, Canada, in1981. Elinor has sadly passed away. However, she had one daughter, JenniferAnne Neves Horn, who is believed to live in New Brunswick, Canada. TheCommunity Council is trying to find Jennifer or her children (she apparentlyhas a son and a daughter).

Can anyone help ?If you have any information on :

Ownership or use of the fields along FforddUchaf

How to trace and contactJennifer Anne Neves Horn of New Brunswick, Canada, or her children

Anything else which youthink may be relevant

Pleasecontact the Community Council on e-mail at  Cynghorydd.FreyaBentham@gwynedd.llyw.cymruor annwen@btconnect.com



Single storey front extension – Llamedos, FforddUchaf, Harlech (NP5/61/524A)

Supportthis application.



The Treasurer reported that there was £19,468.79 in the bank, £31,044.36in the reserve account,  £100.00 in theChairman’s account and £2.82 in the cemetery account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

Mr. LeeWarwick          -  £124.49 - paint benches that had been repaired

MrsAnnwen Hughes - £1,680.57 – wages and costs for 6 months

Welsh Water                  -  £20.44  - allotments water tap

LloydsCoaches           - £8,100.00 -   running cost of the hoppa bus

Mr. GarethJones         -   £662.00 - repair some of the benches

Mr. G.J. Williams          -  £356.00 – cut grass King George playing fieldand football field x 2


Moniesreceived since last meeting

CommunityChest   - £8,200.00 –  grant to run thehoppa bus

Mr.Gareth Jones     -       £40.00 -   rent allotment no. 15

Customs& Excise    -     £150.62 -  repayment of V.A.T

Pritcharda Griffiths  -    £195.00 – burial of the ashes re the late MrsDoris Annlethea Thomas



Ffestiniog Town Council

The Clerkreported that she had received an e-mail together with a letter from the aboveCouncil regarding inviting members of the Council to a meeting on the 3rd ofthis month to discuss establishing a 4 bed hosbis in Blaenau Ffestiniog. TheClerk reported further that she had sent this e-mail and letter to every Memberasking them to reply if they had an interest in attending this meeting.


Mr. Stuart Taylor

Received ane-mail from the above on behalf of the Post Office informing the Council thatthe post office in the town had closed with immediate effect on the 23rd Julyand he could not disclose the reasons why.




Cylch Meithrin Harlech

Received aletter from the above together with an application asking for a financialdonation towards the cost of erecting a brightly coloured fence donated by thecatering department, Ysbyty Gwynedd  aswell as purchasing items to enable children to develop their playing skillsoutside the classroom. It was agreed to leave the matter until the next Councilmeeting and discuss it with all the other applications received by then. It wasalso agreed to ask them for a balance sheet.


Royal St. David’s Golf Club

Received ane-mail from the above asking permission to use King George V playing field asan overflow car park during the Women’s British Senior Championships from the16th until the 20th of September. It was agreed to give them permission as longas they no parking is done on the football field and also suggest that adonation towards the use would be appreciated.


Snowdonia National Park

Received anadditional letter together with an agenda from the above regarding the annualmeetings between the National Park and the Councils that are being held on 30thSeptember at  Plas y Brenin, Capel Curig,1st October in Plas Tan y Bwlch and 3rd October in Neuadd Dyfi, Aberdyfi andthat every meeting starts at 6.30 p.m. A response is expected by the 20th ofSeptember.Cllrs. Thomas Mort and  MartinHughes  agreed to represent the Councilat the meeting in Plas Tan y Bwlch on the 1st of October.


Snowdonia National Park

Received acopy of the proposed and inset maps of the Eryri Local Development Plan2016-2031 together with a copy of the Written Statement of the said Plan. Cllr.Martin Hughes agreed to look over this document on behalf of the Council


One Voice Wales

Receivedan e-mail from the above stating that, with the committee Chairman's agreement,that the next meeting of the Meirionnydd Area Committee of One Voice Wales hasbeen deferred from Wednesday 11th September to Wednesday 16th October. This is due to the high number ofapologies, including that of the speaker.


Mrs Myfanwy Jones

Received a letter from the above voicing concern that there were notenough dog poo bins around the area and that the ones that were there wereoverflowing. It was agreed to reply stating that it was possible now to placedog poo in the public green bins that are located around the area. Also tostate that other matters referred to in the letter would be referred to GwyneddCouncil.



TheChairman stated that he was going to invite the Police to the next meetingbecause of the concern to the high volume of burglaries that have been takingplace in the area recently.

Concernand disappointment was voiced that some of the residents of Ty Canol will notother residents place flower pots on the land in front of the houses althoughthis land is common land and not beloning to any of the residents that live on theesate.

Wantedto know who owns the road under the Coleg and Cllr. Freya Bentham agreed tomake enquiries regarding this.

Cllr. MartinHughes made it known that the sale of Coleg Harlech had not been completedbecause of some legal matters that need to be sorted.

Cllr. FreyaBentham asked if it would be possible to have a list of the committees that theCouncillors  are Members of.

Cllr. EdwinaEvans asked if it would be possible to make enquiries to get the tourist officeback in the town.


SIGNED..........................................Chairman     DATE..............................................      633

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