April 20, 2021

Minutes from meeting held by Harlech Community Council on 01.03.21

Minutes from meeting held by Harlech Community Council on 01.03.21







Cllrs. Huw Jones (Chairman),  CeriGriffith, Gordon Howie, Martin Hughes, Sian Roberts, Edwina Evans, Rhian Corps,Tegid John, Joe Patton.


Before thestart of the official Council buisness the Chairman welcomed Mr. & Mrs JimMaxwell to the meeting  to discuss thenew draft constitution document for the Memorial Hall and Old Library. Anexplanation was given that these two sites are registered charities and thatthey are an unincorporated charity and not a legal body and therefore not ableto sign contracts etc., and that management committee members have anindividual personal liability which includes financial liability. Because of thisthere is a need for change as there is concern regarding personal liabilityespecially as applying for large grants involving contracts. At the moment itis the management committee that runs the charities. There is a need to changeso that the two buildings can be transferred to the new company that means thatthe two charities will be run by a Charitable Incorporated Organisation thatwill mean they will have a Foundation Model and there is a change frommanagement committee to Trustees management. It was agreed that this matterneeded to be discussed further and Cllrs. Martin Hughes and Joe Patton agreedto meet with Mr. & Mrs Maxwell to discuss this matter in more detail andreport back to the Council.



The minutes of the meeting held on February1st 2021 were found to be correct.



Nobody had any declaration ofinterst to make.




It was reported that the Council had spent£62,322.61 since the start of the new financial year and this was £5,039.57 lessexpenditure than what  was earmarked inthe budget for the year. The members went through the different expendituresthat had been made and the differences that were on the business planindividually.


Harlech Community Forum

No report was received by Cllr.Freya Bentham with regard to the above Forum.



Cllr.Sian Roberts made it known that CADW were making arrangements with regard toplacing one of the above by  the visitorscentre near the Castle. The Clerk reported that she had contacted Mr. TomosHughes from Welsh Ambulance and had purchased two defribillators so as to placeone in the kiosk by Penrhiwgoch junction and also one in Morfa Garage. She alsoreported that she was in regular contact with BT to ask when the phone would beremoved from the kiosk, but up to now had not received a positive reply fromthem. It was agreed to ask if it would be possible to install with one in MorfaGarage as soon as possible.


Brony Graig Nature Trail

The Clerkreported that Gwen Evans, Community Support Officer for Meirionnydd hadcontacted her regarding the work that needs to be carried out on the above pathand that she had stated that the offer letter from the Welsh Government hadbeen received by Gwynedd Council by now but the monies would still have to bespend by the end of this month . Ms Evans felt that this could be done if theCouncil would draw up a specification of the work needed



on the siteand get 3 quotes as soon as possible and send them to Gwynedd Council by the12th of this month. The Members agreed that the time was too short to do thisand decided not to carry on with this.


HarlechPost Office

No moreinformation with regard to the above since the last meeting.


Toilets by the Castle

The Chairmanreported that paper towel holders needed to be purchased for every toilet, binswith lids and soap dispensers  for theabove toilets and it was agreed that the Clerk would do this.


Party in the Park

Cllr.Joe Patton reported that the date for the above event had been changed to the27th June and that a summary of what has been arranged so  far had been sent to every Member.


Monthly Inspections

Cllr.Joe Patton reported that he had carried out a monthly inspection of King GeorgeV and Llyn y Felin playing fields and also Penygraig. He reported as followsfollowing last month’s inspection – that every site were in good order and thatPenygraig  was fine apart from the factthat some stones had been taken from under the plinth and it was agreed to askMr. Meirion Evans to fix it, a few things needed attention in King George Vplaying field theground where the gateway used to be has been damaged by vehicles drivingthrough the gateway. The damage was made by tractors from the golf coursetaking a short cut through the playing fields, he has contacted the golf clubto make the management aware of this damage being caused and no furthervehicles have been seen using the open gateway, the rugby club have removed theold lights from the field. Llyn y Felinplaying field is fine apart from a few small matters needed attention like therubbish bin has still not been emptied, that the new step log is now in placeand the signage asking parents to supervise their children is now fixed to thefence, that moles are visible under the playground seating.


Opening of Grass Cutting Tenders

The Clerk reported that she had received two tenders one from Mr. Meirion Griffith, Islwyn, Talsarnau for £12.50per hour to cut the grass of the public footpaths and £12.50 per hour to cutthe grass of the public cemetery and one from Mr. Jason Coleman, 6 Tan yWenallt, Llanbedr for £15 per hour to cut the grass of the public cemetery and onefor £15.00 per hour to cut grass of the public footpaths . It was agreed toaccept Mr. Meirion Griffith’s tender to cut the grass of the public footpathsand the public cemetery. Also it was agreed to accept the tender of Mr. GarethJohn williams to cut the grass on King George V playing field and the footballfield again this year which is £58 for cutting the football field, £36 forcutting around the swings and  £84 for cutting rest of field.


One Voice Wales Meeting – 3.2.21

Cllrs.Martin Hughes and Joe Patton reported that they had attended the above meetingover zoom and that it was a fairly short meeting and the only thing the Councilwill have to do different is to place a copy of the agenda and minutes  on the noticeboard. It was agreed to startdoing this and place them in the noticeboard in the town only for the timebeing.


Gwynedd Council Matters

No report was received from Cllr. FreyaBentham on matters relating to Gwynedd Council.



Removal of rear chimney stack and installation of 3 re-positionedrooflghts -  4Bronwen Terrace, Harlech  (NP5/61/L315)

Supportthis application but conern that the work has already started before putting aplanning  application in.

Consultation under Section 37 of The Electricity Act 1989 to install newL.V. overhead electricity line Cae Du, Harlech (NP5/61/E189D)

Supportthis application.


Erection of detached double garage- Brodawel, Beach Road, Harlech(NP5/61/546A)

Supportthis application


Non-material amendment to Planning Consent NP5/61/83A dated 19/04/2005for the formation of bay window, blocking up and changes to side windows,formation of doorway, over-rendering of walls, installation of glassbalustrading - Cynfal, 40 Heol y Bryn, Harlech (NP5/61/83D)

Supportthis application


Demolition of existing prefabricated garage and erection of new pitchedroof garage - Eithinog, Hen Ffordd Llanfair, Harlech (NP5/61/391B)

Supportthis application



The Treasurer reported that there was £47,479.51 in the bank, £31,092.76in the reserve account,  £100.00 in theChairman’s account and £2.82 in the cemetery account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

MrsAnnwen Hughes  - £1,631.35 –  wages and costs for 6 months

Harlech  Silver Band         - £45.00 –  hire of meeting room (3 times)

OldLibrary Committee    -£45.00 –   hire of meeting room (3 times)

PlayQuest                        -  £66.00 -   wooden step log for equipment inLlyn y Felin playing field

GwyneddCouncil        - £1,440.00 -   christmas lights on the poles on Morfa Road

WelshWater                     - £18.77 -   allotment water tap

BarmouthPrinters           - £21.60   – no smoking  signs for playing fields


Moniesreceived since last meeting

None come to hand since lastmeeting.


The Treasurer reported further thatshe had asked Ms Luned Fon Jones from the Finance Department, Gwynedd Councilif she would be willing to act as the Council’s Interal Auditor again this yearand that she had agreed to this. The Members agreed to this and also agreedthat the Clerk should send her a letter of appointment. Also the Treasurerreported that Audit Wales had made it known that this Council is one of thosehaving a full audit this year.


Applicationsfor financial support

Old Library Committee       -£500.00

Memorial Hall Committee - £500.00

Meirionnydd YFC                 -£100.00

Radio Ysbyty Gwynedd       -£250.00




The Clerk reported that she hadreceived a reply from the above regarding houses 1-4 Nant y Mynydd,  Hwylfa’r Nant and stating that they areconcerned to the continued postponement to let these new houses, and they wantedto update us further on two matters that is creating the present postponement.Firstly, a matter has arisen recently with the sprayer system, which is acritical defence system if there was any fires in the houses. The mater is todo with water pressure and the flowing rate from the main water pipe to thesystem, that came to our attention during the normal service of the system thatwas done by Grwp Cynefin as a part of our preparations to let the houses. Thematter has been transfered to the Contractor to review and they have had thefitting contractor out on the 4th February to inspect and try the systemfurther. Following  feedback of theirvisit, they will be able to understand better if further attention needs to begiven to this or not. Unfortunately, considering  the critical nature of this system, they arenot in a position to let the houses until the matter has closed, and they can’tgive a date for this as




yet. Also ensuring us that thismatter is having their full attention and they will be working with theContractor and fitters to resolve this matter as quickly as possible. Withregard to the right of way matters, that are affecting

number 3 and 4, their Solicitor isstill chasing the parties to bring this to a head. Again this matter has theirfull attention so as to resolve it as soon as possible, anyway they aredepending on other parties replies so as to enable them to close the matter.


Gwynedd Council – Building RegulationsDepartment

The Clerk reported that she had received aletter from the above Department informing the Council that they had received anotice of intention to demolish Beaumont, Ffordd Uchaf.


Mr. Phil Mostert

The Clerk reported that she had received ane-mail from the above voicing concern that a van is parking on the side

of the road between Jeriwsalem Chapel and LlysMaelor in the town and  that she hadforwarded the e-mail onto the

Traffic Department at Gwynedd Council asking ifit would be possible to put double yellow lines there. The Clerk

reported further that she had received a replyfrom them stating as this matter was more of an enforcement issue,

and that a yellow line already exists there,that the owner of the van is breaking the law by parking there

permanently and he will be arranging anassessment of the situation. The Clerk reported further that she had

received a reply from the Enforcement Officerstating that they will be keeping an eye on the matter and an

Enforcement Officer will be visiting the siteon a regular basis.


Ms Jodie Pritchard

The Clerk reported that she had received ane-mail from the above on behalf of Harlech & Ardudwy Leisure regarding theroad leading up to the swimming pool and it was agreed to discuss it in nextmonth’s Council meeting when Ms Pritchard will be present. The Clerk hadforwarded this e-mail to the Members of the Council. Cllr. Joe Patton statedthat he had sent a letter to Ms Pritchard last year voicing concern regardingsafety on this road.



It was made known that the Harlech triathlon hadbeen cancelled again this year but a dual triathlon will be held in the autumn.

Concern was voiced that water is running down theroad near the Penrhiwgoch crossroads and the Clerk stated that she had alreadycontacted the Highways Department with regard to this and they were going totake the appropriate steps.

Concern was voiced that a wall near Noddfa wasbulging and there was a need to establish ownership of this wall. The Chairmanagreed to make enquiries with regard to this.












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