February 23, 2021

Minutes from Harlech Community Council meeting on 01.02.21

Minutes from Harlech Community Council meeting on 01.02.21




Cllr. Freya Bentham (Vice Chairman), Gordon Howie, Thomas Mort.



Cllrs. Huw Jones (Chairman),  CeriGriffith, Wendy Williams, Martin Hughes, Sian Roberts, Edwina Evans, RhianCorps, Tegid John, Joe Patton.



The minutes of the meeting held on January11th 2021 were found to be correct.



Nobody had any declaration ofinterst to make.




It was reported that the Council had spent£59,126.65 since the start of the new financial year and this was £6,683.53 lessexpenditure than what  was earmarked inthe budget for the year. The members went through the different expendituresthat had been made and the differences that were on the business planindividually.


Harlech Community Forum

No report was received by Cllr.Freya Bentham with regard to the above Forum.



Cllr.Sian Roberts made it known that she has still not heard from CADW with regardto placing one of the above by  thevisitors centre near the Castle. The Clerk reported that BT were makingarrangements to remove the phone  fromthe kiosk by Engedi Chapel, and it was agreed that the Clerk contacts Mr. TomosHughes from Welsh Ambulance so as to place one in the said kiosk and also in MorfaGarage.


Brony Graig Nature Trail

The Clerkreported that she is still waiting to hear from Gwen Evans, Community SupportOfficer for Meirionnydd regarding the work that needs to be carried out on theabove path. The Chairman made it known that he is making arrangments to meetMr. Rhydian Roberts from the National Park on site and also he suggested thatit would be an idea to handover responsibility of the site to an outside bodyand it was agreed that he speaks with Mr. Rhydian Roberts about this first.


HarlechPost Office

No moreinformation with regard to the above since the last meeting.


Toilets by the Castle

The Chairmanreported that he had met with Mr. Cameron May on the above site and that theyhad agreed to install a sink in every toilet and these have to be stainlesssteel  as per the law. Also Mr. DaveEllis has agreed to carry out the work of installing hand driers in everytoilet. The only concern is that there will be a need to have hot water in themand the Chairman made it known that he will be disgussing this matter with Mr.May.







Party inthe Park

Cllr.Joe Patton reported that King George V playing fields Trust are keen thateverybody organize a celebration in King George V playing fields this year andthat he is asking for Members of the Council to approve this and that they arewilling for him to carry on to arrange such a party. Everybody agreed to thisand also a date at the end of May 2021 was earmarked to hold it but this wouldtotally depend on the situation with the virus at the time. Cllr. Pattonreported further that he had been in contact with some to ask for theirassistance. Next month’s agenda.


Monthly Inspections

Cllr.Joe Patton reported following receiving the Council’s risk assesment policylast month that he had agreed to carry out a monthly inspection of King GeorgeV and Llyn y Felin playing fields and also Penygraig. He reported as followsfollowing last month’s inspection – that every site were in good order and thatPenygraig  was fine, a few things neededattention in King George V playing field namely there is a need for the rugby club to take away the old lightsfrom the field, a gate post that is between the golf and the playing fieldneeds repairing and the Chairman reported that he would contact Mr. MeirionEvans with regard to this, that there was a need for 4 new swing seats togetherwith chains and he reported that the Chairman had approved for these to bepurchased, the new see-saw has already been purchased. It was also known thatarrangements are already in hand to eradicate badgers from the field. Llyn yFelin playing field is fine apart from a few small matters needed attentionlike the rubbish bin needed emptying but this had been done by now, Cllr. JoePatton agreed to investigate to see if the step log had subsided into theground. The Clerk reported that the Sovereign Play company who had installedthe wooden equipment had carried out an inspection of the equipment but noreport was available from them. Next month’s agenda.


Gwynedd Council Matters

No report was received from Cllr. FreyaBentham on matters relating to Gwynedd Council.



Retrospective application for extension to raisedpatio area Station House, Hwylfa'r Nant, Harlech(NP5/61/638)

Support this application.



The Treasurer reported that there was £50,675.47 in the bank, £31,092.50in the reserve account,  £100.00 in theChairman’s account and £2.82 in the cemetery account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

SovereignPlay Ltd - £178.80 – inspection of play equipment in Llyn y Felin playing field.

ZollMedical    -      £1,920.00 -  2 defribillator

DefibStore     -       £1,097.16 -  2 defribillator cabinets


Moniesreceived since last meeting

None come to hand since lastmeeting.



Always Aim High

The Clerk reported that she hadreceived an e-mail from Ms Tara Parks on behalf of the above company informingthe Council that they are carrying on with making arrangements for this year’striathlon and asking for permission to use King George playing field as a carpark. It was agreed to give them permission again this year if the triathlongoes ahead.



It was made known that  the coastal path that goes through theforestry needs attention as it is under deep water in places and the Clerk wasasked to contact the appropriate Officer.

Cllr. Martin Hughes reported the he along withothers from the Council who are on the Old Library and Memorial Hall committeehad received a document explaining the Charity Commision’s new model  from Mr. James Maxwell.





It was agreed as this document was  complex to invite Mr. & Mrs Maxwell to thenext meeting of the Council at 7.00 p.m. so as to be able to go through thedocument and also ask them to send a copy to the Clerk so it can be forwardedto everybody else.

It was made known that Cllrs. Martin Hughes and JoePatton will be attending the Meirionnydd Area One Voice Wales Committee on the3rd of this month.

Cllr. Martin Hughes made it known that he will beattending a training session that is organized by One Voice Wales regardingUnderstanding of the Law Module 4 on the 8th of this month.

It was made known that Mr. Geraint Williams haspurchased more christmas lights for the area.

Cllr. Joe Patton made it known that following hispresentation to the Council last month that the Chairman of the MeirionnyddDisabled Access Group will be visiting to see the new gate and the wheelchairsite so as to promote them, that Network Rail are going to run a safetycampaign following what had happened on the line near Harlech and that he hadcontacted Natural Resources Wales regarding clearing some of the sand but theyhad stated it was not their responsibility to do this and that it was GwyneddCouncil who were responsible, but they are stating the same.

The Clerk asked if the Council was going to ask forrent payment from the tenants of the allotments this year, as the idea that shehad last year not to ask for payment of rent due to the situation with thevirus had proved very successful and now there was a waiting list for anallotment and also that the site was looking much tidier now than ever. It wasagreed because of the situation with the virus still exists and also that theCouncil’s finances are healthy not to ask for rent payment from the tenantsagain this year.

The Clerk reported that some of the proposed tenantsof houses 1-4 Nant y Mynydd, Hwylfa’r Nant were very concerned that they arestill waiting to move in although this was suppose to happen in February 2019.It was agreed that the Clerk would contact Grwp Cynefin once again stating thisand also ask them for the reason why there was so much delay.

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