October 4, 2021

Minutes from Harlech Community Council meeting held on 06.09.21



Cllrs. CeriGriffiths, Rhian Corps, Gordon Howie.



Cllrs. Huw Jones (Chairman),  Edwina Evans, Sian Roberts, Christopher Braithwaite, Martin Hughes, Tegid John, Thomas Mort, Wendy Williams.


TheChairman welcomed Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite to his first meeting of theCouncil and the Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed by Cllr.Braithwaite at the start of the official Council meeting.



The minutes of the meeting held on July 5th2021 were found to be correct.



Nobody had any declaration ofinterst to make.



The following report was receivedfrom Cllr. Gwynfor Owen –that he had received complaints regarding speeding on the top road, Morfa road,beach road and some had asked for a 20 m.p.h sign from Ysgol Ardudwy to thecrossing. He also reported that he had received complaints with regard toovergrowth on the top road and that he had been informed by the HighwaysDepartment that they will be cutting this back once the nesting season is overand the tourists have gone, had a complaint regarding the lack of signage andparking problems and some asking for double yellow lines and that he had triedto get a meeting with the Officers. It was made known that the parking chargesproblem had been sorted. Had a request for more handrail on the Pentre’r Efailsteps. He also stated that improvement grants are available from the NationalPark and that some buisnessus had been successful. He had a complaint withregard to the state of Bron y Graig Park and Gwynedd Council had stated thatthey are willing to cut it more times if it would be possible to have thesupport of the Community Council. This was agreed to on the condition that GwyneddCouncil tidy the place up to start with before the Council sign any agreementbut the Community Council was not willing to take responsibility of the upkeepof the pond. It was made known that the overgrowth had been cut back along thepavement opposite the Lower Bron y Graig car park. He stated that there were nodouble yellow lines opposite the entrance to Pant Mawr because one had objectedto the original plan and this matter will now be going to the Gwynedd Councilplanning committee. It was made known that the Nant footpath had beenresurfaced. He had received a request to reinstate the “Hwylfa’r Nant” sign andput a dog poo bin down beach road.




It was reported that the Council had spent£26,752.53 since the start of the new financial yearand this was £9,379.42less expenditure than what  was earmarkedin the budget for the year. This was mainly because the sum of £10,000 that wasearmarked for Gwynedd Council as payment for the partnership to keep the publictoilets open has not been paid.


Election of Councillor

TheClerk reported that the notice for one seat had ended on the 30th of July andthat she had been informed by the Electoral Officer in Caernarfon that no namehad been received by him and therefore the Council had the right to co-op aMember onto the Council. The Clerk reported that Ms Emma Howie had shown aninterest of being a Member of the Council and it was agreed to co-opt her andinvite her to the next meeting of the Council.


Pen y Graig Land

TheClerk reported that she had not heard from Cath Hicks from Adult Learning Walessince the last Council meeting.



Toilets by the Castle

The Chairmanreported that three hand washing and drying units had arrived and he hoped thatthe work would start in the coming week. It was agreed to ask the EnvironmentalHealth Officer to carry out an inspection of these toilets before opening themup to the public.


Theatre Meeting – 27.8.21

The Chairman reported that himself, Cllrs. EdwinaEvans, Wendy Williams and Thomas Mort together with Cllr. Gwynfor Owen hadattended the above meeting. It was stated that the owner has big plans todevelop workshops, theatre, café and a hotel on the site but he had also statedthat he intended to develop the site slowly.



Dischargeof conditions no 8 (Boundary Treatment), no 9 (Landscaping) no 10 (MethodStatement for the treatment of Japanese Knotweed) no 11 (specification for aprogramme of Archaeological work) and no 13 (Contaminated land) of planningpermission NP5/61/560D dated the 18/12/20 - Land between Trem Arfor andHiraethog, High Street, Harlech (NP5/61/560E)

Support this application.


Erectionof a two storey side extension - Sibrwd-y-Môr, Old Llanfair Road, Harlech (NP5/61/641A)

Supportthis application.



The Treasurer reported that there was £95,456.69 in the bank, £31,094.30in the reserve account,  £100.00 in theChairman’s account and £2.82 in the cemetery account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

SovereignPlay             - £1,304.38 – materials to repair equipment in Llyn y Felin playing field

Wallgate                       - £6,899.47 -  hand wash and drying equipmentfor toilets by the castle

MrsAnnwen Hughes - £1,701.39 –  wages andcosts for 6 months

Mr.Meirion Evans     - £6,120.00 –   remakethe bridge on the Nature Trail

WelshWater               -     £18.40  -   watertap in the allotments

Mr. G.J. Williams      -     £202.00 -   cut grass in King George playingfield and football field


Moniesreceived since last meeting

Customs & Excise          -£729.80 –  V.A.T. repayment

Gwynedd Council      - £4,231.59–  repayment car park charges

Gwynedd Council   - £35,000.00 –  half the precept.


The Treasurer reported that she hadreceived a letter from HSBC informing the Council that they were making changesto thier buisness account including changes to some of their services. Thecommunity account will no longer be available and it will change to charitablebank account but the account number will stay the same. From the 1st Novemberthis year this change will be taking place and this new account will becarrying a monthly charge of £5.00 and cheques paid into and out of the accountwill be charged at 40p per cheque. Permission was given to the Clerk/Treasurerto make enquiries with the bank regarding setting up BACS payments and also tohave a debit card.



GwyneddCouncil – Economy and Community Department

Receiveda letter and attachments from the above regarding Our Area 2035 and stating thatthey will be starting on a period of discussion and engagement with thisCouncil and asking us to consider the questions in the letter as a group beforethe Chairman and the Clerk have a virtual meeting with Gwen Evans, CommunitySupport Officer. The Clerk reported that she will be posting the letter togetherwith the attachments to the Members so as to be able to discuss the matter morefully at the next meeting of the Council. It was agreed to put it on next month’sagenda.                                                                  



SnowdoniaNational Park

Receiveda letter from the above regarding the Park’s 70th birthday celebrations and as apart of the celebrations they are offering “Tree Planting Pack” to the Counciland if the Council has an interest in receiving this pack they have to contactthe Officer by the 30th of September. After a discussion it was agreed to askif it would be possible to receive 20 tree planting packs instaed of 70.


Snowdonia National Park

Receiveda letter from the above regarding a Survey: Our use of the Welsh Language thatthey intend to ask the public to complete over the coming weeks and asking theCouncil members also to complete it. It was agreed that the Clerk would forwardthis letter to every Member so that they will be able to complete it on line ifthey so wish. It was agreed that the Clerk would forward this letter to everyMember so that they could complete it on line if they so wished.



It wasstated that there was a bit of a litter mess in King George playing field.

It wasagreed to purchase a sign “Children Playing” and erect it on the junction to TyCanol estate and the Chairman and Cllr. Christopher Braithwaite agreed to dealwith this matter.

It was madeknown that the gate at the entrance of the public footpath opposite Branwen hadstill not been put back and it was agreed that the Clerkwould contact the Gwynedd Council Footpaths Officer with regard to this.

Concern wasvoiced that the state of public footpath no. 4 was dangerous especially duringwet weather and it was agreed that the Clerk would contact the Gwynedd Council FootpathsOfficer with regard to this.

TheChairman made it known that Mr. Geraint Williams had purchased more christmaslights and alos he had placed an order for christmas trees.





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