October 4, 2021

Minutes from Harlech Community Council meeting held on 05.07.21






Cllrs. Huw Jones (Chairman),  Edwina Evans, CeriGriffiths, Sian Roberts, Gordon Howie, Martin Hughes, Rhian Corps, Tegid John, Thomas Mort, Wendy Williams.


TheChairman welcomed Cllr. Gwynfor Owen who has recently been elected as the newCounty Councillor the Harlech/Talsarnau Ward to the meeting. An opportunity was given for Cllr. Owen to introduce himself and it was agreed to put GwyneddCouncil matters as item no. 4 on the agenda from now on.



The minutes of the meeting held on June 7th2021 were found to be correct.



Nobody had any declaration ofinterst to make.




It was reported that the Council had spent£18,258.88 sincethe start of the new financial year and this was £13,209.07 less expenditurethan what  was earmarked in the budgetfor the year. This was mainly because the sum of £10,000 that was earmarked forGwynedd Council as payment for the partnership to keep the public toilets openhas not been paid, also no payment has been made for the upkeep of the toiletsnear the Castle (earmarked £2,001 so far), no expenditure has been made on thenature trail (earmarked £1,000 so far)


Election of Councillor

TheClerk reported that the notice for one seat had ended on the 2nd of this monthand that two candidates had put their names forward to be co-opted and after asecret ballot Mr. Christopher Braithwaite was co-opted as a member of theCouncil. She also reported that she had received an e-mail from Mr. Joe Pattoninforming the Council that he was resigning from been a Councillor as he neededto concentrate on personal matters and the Clerk was asked to contact theElectoral Officer with regard to this..


Pen y Graig Land

TheClerk reported that she had received a reply from Cath Hicks from AdultLearning Wales with regards to the last e-mail sent to her by this Council lastmonth when the Council stated that they were willing to accept the land as a“gift” and asked her to have the legal papers drawn up and that it depended onthe amount of the legal costs before the Council would decide to pay it all. MsHicks stated in her reply to leave everything in her hands and she would get intouch with the Council again in due course.


Toilets by the Castle

The Chairmanreported that he had received two quotes for a washer dryer unit and that hewas going to purchase one of these and that he was waiting to hear back fromthe company. It was agreed to ask the Environmental Health Officer to carry outan inspection of these toilets before opening them up to the public.


Monthly Inspections

TheClerk reported on behalf of Mr. Joe Patton that he had carried out a monthlyinspection of King George V and Llyn y Felin playing fields and also Penygraig.He reported as follows following last month’s inspection – that every site werein good order and that Penygraig  wasfine and that he had weeded around the plinth while doing the



inspection.  The play area in King George V playing field was in a good condition and also now thatthe grass had been cut the damage done by the badgers was improving. Llyn yFelin playing field is fine.


Party in the Park

It wasmade known by the Members that was present that the above had been a greatsuccess and it was agreed to send a thank you card to Mr. Joe Patton for doingall the hard work in arranging the day.



The Clerk reportedthat she had received a Notice of Motion from Cllr. Martin Hughes in accordancewith Standing Order 8.1 asking that Harlech Community Council recognises thatits Bron y Graig Nature Reserve needs careful management to turn it into avaluable asset for the wellbeing of the local community and to enhance andstrengthen the diversity of the natural environment, undertake a site visitinvolving as most of the Council Members to the Reserve including all paths,reflect on their site visit, and consider what the Council’s objects should befor the Reserve, develop a plan for the ongoing management of the Reserve tomeet the agreed objects including any investment of resources required andpublicity, appoint a panel of people with appropriate knowledge, experience andinterest to advise it on the production of a plan and the ongoing management ofthe Reserve, consider establishing a group to help maintain the Reserve anddefer any significant further expenditure on the Reserve until a set of objectsmanagement plan is agreed. Everybody agreed to accept this Motion. Also theClerk reported that she had received an e-mail from Mrs Collis, Pant Mawr informing the Council thatthere is Japanese knotweed in the woods in the Bron y Graig nature trail. Thisknotweed is located from the new path along to the bridge and they have sprayedit but do not know if it needs dealing with professionally before it spreads tothe whole of the woodland. The Chairman reported that he had made arrangementsfor a professional Company from Dolgellau to come and spray these weeds andthat they were coming next weekend.



Formation of new double door opening to South gable. Externalalterations extending height to parapet adjoining ‘modern’ glazed balustrade tostore roof perimeter at first floor level forming roof terrace with new 1.5m x2.0m patio doors off South gable. Repairs to shop front and entrance doors,removal of external shutters and internal replacements. Remove externalshutters first floor windows West elevation and re-opening of 2no. windows atground floor level, installation of traditional vertical sash windows to matchexisting. Fixing 2no. sparrow boxes underneath eaves level. Proposed newcatslide dormer on West side roof slope and 2no conservation rooflights eitherside West and East roof slopes (4no.in total) - Spar Shop, High Street,Harlech (NP5/61/LB280A)

Object to this application because the buildinghas been listed and removal of the chimney would make the building look lessbalanced. Also the need to put clause 106 on the flats because if the proposedflats would be sold there is a need to make sure that local people can buythem.


Listed Building Consent to remove ground floor stairs, fix new toiletfacilities within existing stair lobby. Alterations to first floor plandividing wall of bedrooms 1 & 2 and part kitchen wall removed forming ‘openplan’ living/ kitchen. Existing kitchen door blocked up, new floor infill overstair landing at first floor level, bedroom door re-positioned with new stairaccess to attic level. New double door opening formed to South gable. Formingnew stair access at attic level, new partitions enclosing new bedroom and showerroom. Proposed external alterations extending height to parapet adjoining‘modern’ glazed balustrade to store roof perimeter at first floor level formingroof terrace with new 1.5m x 2.0m patio doors off South gable. Repairs to shopfront and entrance doors, removal of external shutters and internalreplacements. Remove external shutters first floor windows West elevation andre-opening of 2no. windows at ground floor level, installation of traditionalvertical sash windows to match existing. Fixing 2no. sparrow boxes underneatheaves level. Proposed new catslide dormer on West side roof slope and 2noconservation rooflights either side West and East roof slopes (4no. total)- Spar Shop, High Street, Harlech (NP5/61/LB280B)

Object to this application because thebuilding has been listed and removal of the chimney would make the buildinglook less balanced. Also the need to put clause 106 on the flats because if theproposed flats would be sold there is a need to make sure that local people canbuy them.




The Treasurer reported that there was £62,704.57 in the bank, £31,093.78in the reserve account,  £100.00 in theChairman’s account and £2.82 in the cemetery account.


Invoicesneeding payment since last meeting

Customs& Excise       -    £109.80 - tax on Clerk’s wages

Mr. G.J. Williams      -     £180.00 - cut grass in King George playing field


Moniesreceived since last meeting

Nonecome to hand since the last meeting.


The Treasurer reported that the Internal Audit hadbeen completed and there were no significant matters arising apart from thefact the Council’s annual meeting was not held before 31st December2020, in accordance with The Local Authorities (Coronavirus) (Meetings) (Wales)Regulations 2020. It was explained that the Council had agreed, because ofCOVID 19 that all the Officers would stay in their positions until May 2021.Also stating that there was failure to display minutes of meetings on the webpage. The Clerk reported that she sends the minutes of the Council meetingsmonthly so that they can be placed on the Council’s website but there was nominutes available when the Council was not meeting.



Gareth & Carys, Tryfar

TheClerk reported that she had received an e-mail from the above thanking theCommunity Council for getting the allotment free again this year, butunfortunately the wooden post that holds the water tap by the top allotments isrotten and in need of replacing. Also asking if it would be possible for thebrambles and undergrowth from the water tap along the field to the end be cutso as to create a path so that they can use it to reach their allotment, whichis allotment no. 15 so as not to cross through other peoples allotments. TheChairman agreed to contact Mr. Meirion Griffiths with regard to this matter.


Mr Gordon Robertson

TheClerk reported that she had received an e-mail from the above stating that theyare pleased to see from the website that part of Harlech beach is dog fee, butwhen going along the path they discovered a small sign confirming that only theleft side of the beach was for dogs. However in reality there were dogs bothsides, and the intrusion of some of them spoilt the afternoon for us. Becauseof this he was asking if it would be possible to have more clear signs erected.The Clerk reported that she had sent this e-mail straight away to Mr. BarryDavies, Maritime Officer and that she had received a copy of the reply that wassent to Mr. Robertson stating that they would be reviewing their signage inHarlech and consider possible improvements to the signs.


Mr. Phillip Mills

TheClerk reported that she had received an e-mail from the above through theCouncil’s web page stating he would like to raise the issue of woodlandmanagement in the area to the left of Ffordd Isaf going into Harlech, which he walksalong most days. In particular: - long distance views from the viewpoint arenow seriously blocked by two very large trees which need to be substantiallycut back; - there is a large number of young trees, in particular sycamore andbuddleia, growing up close to Ffordd Isaf all the way along from the start atSt David's Hill to Llys Branwe. The sycamores are going to become very largetrees in due course if nothing is done about them. The area opposite LlysBranwen which was cleared of Japanese knotweed is now completely overgrown withbuddleia and sycamore. A programme of cutting back this young growth along theedge of the road would be highly desirable; - in addition, some widermanagement of the woodland to the left of Ffordd Isaf would also be helpful inthinning out the amount of tree cover and opening up the views. It was stated that this land was in the ownershipof the Coleg and it was agreed to forward it to Cath Hicks of Adult LearningWales.


Harlech Rugby Club

Received a letter from Mr. Graham Perch on behalf of the above Clubasking if the Council would give permission to the Club to cultivate the areaand reseed creating a flat, level and significantly safer area for sport totake place because now the ground is not suitable following the damage done bythe badgers. It was agreed to give permission for them to carry out this work.                                    689......................................Chairman

Gwynedd Council – HighwaysDepartment

The Clerk reported that she had been made aware that the e-mail withregard to speeding on Morfa Road had been forwarded to Iwan Ap Trefor and thatan answer had still not been received from him and it was agreed that the Clerkcontacted him again. The Clerk reported that still no answer had been receivedfrom him and Cllr. Gwynfor Owen agreed to follow this matter up.



The Chairmanreported that he had met with Mr. Downs in the cemetery following a requestfrom the family to place a memorial bench there and that they had agreed on alocation to fix this bench.

It was madeknown that stones on Old Llanfair Road needed looking at and the Chairmanagreed to deal with this matter.

It was agreedto ask Gwynedd Council once again if it would be possible to make Min y Don carpark into two halves so as one would be long stay and the other a short stayand Cllr. Gwynfor Owen agreed to deal with this matter.

Concern wasvoiced that no answer had been received with regard to placing a “childrenplaying” sign in Cae Gwastad estate although the Clerk had contacted GwyneddCouncil regarding this matter in May. Cllr. Gwynfor Owen agreed to follow thismatter up.





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